Bring it on.........!

I have just added this to my favourites.

Whata site!


And another one

OOooo Tom Thumb drops!

I remember getting a quarter of these on my way home from school but as it was raining, by the time I was home it was one stonking mass of em! AAhhh those were the days!

Top Shop = Oxford Street !!

The first people to bring back Retro Sweet Counters !!

Bazooka Joes with the Comic Slips !!

Space Dust, Rhubarb and Custard and a Curly Wurrly thrown in !!

Im Lurvin it !!!

“Quarter of Cola Cubes and Ten Capstan for me Grandad please Queenie”

"And heres a Lump of Bread Pudding now “Piss orf Barro” and

“Kick ya Ball elsewhere cos ya,ll have someones fu**ing eye out with that” !!

Quality !!