who wants a ride out to brighton as its a nice day 9/9/06

sweetheart we are going tomorrow…are you coming??

I’m going tonight, camping overnight then madeira drive tomorrow, will be on motorcycle gifts stall, say hi. ya cant miss me with demon head tattoo on the back of me head, lol.


ouch!!..that musta hurt

ouch indeed

its amazing how big those lick and stick tattoos are know in bubble gum

where did you get it done looks like it took some time in the chair.

hi gsxross, will be down brighton sunday and will come and say hello…prob going to gatecrash the meet up @ little chef on a23…

gate crash??..just taken your training wheels off then Joe

look forward to seeing you

im meeting sum mates at the ace tomoro then going down brighton, might bump into sum of ya

training wheels…hahahahahahaha…we see…