Right ive decided i need another rideout so im off to ace soon to meet up for the charity Brighton run…its gonna be a scorcher, i dont fancy a simple run to Southend today (my local haunt as opposed to you lot at the Bridge Fridays!)…(smile) So stick of rock here i come…dont know whos going…and it wont matter anyway cos im sure they will be ok guys n gals…so if u wanna ride out then just turn up or make your way to Brighton and no doubt see us all on the road???

Have fun!

I saw all those 'Blades meeting up this morning at the Ace. Was there on my 'Blade, but had my own arrangements, so couldn’t join the run.

Hope you had fun!

I went too, wasn’t going to go to Brighton and come home after boxhill but after I got asked to be a collector for the charity (even wearing sash ) I got really into it and had to go for an icecream by the seaside

What a great day

Sorry I missed chatting to ya Blade, gutted as I didn’t realise that was you at the garage!! We’ll catch up next time hun hopefully

HA ha, i thought that was YOU but wasnt sure?? (it was those little legs gave u away !!!)…ha ha…damn those slopes eh??? And i lost u after that cos we all sorta took off…so did u see the guy that hit that car??? his gixer was a total right off !! not sure but think i saw him laying on the grass at side of road and his mates were with him?? police were there and then they closed the road, we got through but dont know if u were one of the ones that didnt???..anyway, have to come up and say hi next time girl !!! brighton was…well…brighton i guess !!! had me ice cream too…how much did they make today, did u know…when we got to our bikes, they had all buggered off !!! i didnt even know what time they were leaving to tell u the truth…but we just made our way back and FAST !! left there about 4 and got in about 10 to 5 !! not bad going really…but we stopped once for petrol and didnt go under 85 most of it over a ton…saw the ol billy boy pulling a few of our buddies on bikes…but hey ho…if it was me, they couldnt stop either…so what could i have done??? think they were getting the usually MOT of the bike…

Well some idiot parked on the pavement right in front of me, though he was going to move the bike but he just fooked off and left it. I was too close to go round him and on that much of a slope i couldn’t paddle the bike back up it GRRRR, tried putting it on the stand but it just rolled off it even in gear! I hate being small.

Didn’t see any accident, he wasn’t with us was he??? We must have missed that then. Hope he’s ok anyway.

Apparently he was at Boxhill but not sure if he was with us lot that were on the rideout? one has said anything so dont think he was with us?..yeh from what we could see he was talking on the side on grass verge? …they just had his bike and the car in the road…police were there and guess they were waiting for the ambulance? Poor sod, hope hes ok too…