Brighton Caption Comp

Once again the laughs on Terry, but what do you think he was trying to find down there?


Oh God I feel sick! (and that wasn’t suppose to be a caption

whats that saying…w*nking makes you go blind

‘‘my tokens are here for SAFE keeping’’!!!


hooty smiled.

I havent thought of a caption yet but doesnt Terry look like Stephen Hawkins there.

oh my god iv lost my dummie!!! mummy

well done ang!!!nice one!!!

“no matter where he put the seatbelt he just couldn’t dodgem”

Terry shows all his LB mates how he got a job on Shaun of the Dead…

Has Terry had one to many donuts?

Here little boy, want a sweetie…

f*ckin got crabs again, think I’ll give Ben’s mum a miss from now on :slight_smile:

Ang I owe you :wink:

Terry i didn`t know you were into granny porn.

I can’t belive you’ve gone this far Terry - Im glad people are finally able to see your true colours - wnker

Now now children… play nicely.

put that dummy back in////and have some bitty

is that crab stew or sandwich shes got!!!

You`ve heard of finger of fudge to give your kid a treat, how about a crab stick to keep your mother sweet.

there full of lovely protine and very small and neat!!! a finger of crab is just enough to keep ur mother sweet

Caption - ‘I hope Ang doesn’t find this in the future and rake it up as an avatar’ :smiley:

HAHA Well mined that man:D