Brighton Burn up Baby. Avoid the ace. (125 friendly)

Before anyone says anything I have purchased a piece of parchment with roads marked upon it.

Oops forgot the date; 13/9/2015

As much as I like the big group ride out I hate the motorways M25 with stealth cams and M40 with those average speed cameras

Right here is the plan

Meet at Rykas (box hill) 9.30, 10.00 departure. Stop for a coffee/ fuel stop on the way down. Mooch around a bit in Brighton and have lunch. Coffee stop at Loomies on the way back.

No Other Pick up Points
No Ford
No nobbers there will be a heavy police presents :grin:
Full tanks empty bladders
Cornerman system will be in use if enough people show up

In :slight_smile:

Might be up for this one. Should have finished up with work by then, although some sort of newbie signage might help me locate the group! :flushed:

Mr Mole and I are interested…

In… Italy :smiley:

Italy for me as well…

@Firo Im on this ride out so just look for the White daytona parked sideways at Rykas :joy:

Well done that man, now we’ve got to re-think your Crimbo pressie

@Firo What Slan means is


@slan - thanks for heads up, I ll be on a white Ducati unless I get tempted into a part ex in which case it ll be red ha! Anyway it’s hard to miss me…tall and tattooed !

@Firlo, Slan will arrive late and then announce that she needs to fill her tank😒 therefore it is unlikely you will see her before departure. I’ll be there as per my profile picture blue/ gray Yamaha xj6

I’m beginning to feel a little insulted…:joy:

Only just beginning Slan??:wink:

I might potter down to say good morning to you @ Rykas (with all the usual caveats: no wet stuff, the bike working, I can be bothered getting out of bed and so on…), but I’ve been to Brighton for the Burn Up enough times to know that I don’t want to do it again.

As it’s still a couple of weeks away, it gives me far too much time to change my mind about what I’m going to be doing that day.

I’ll be doing the wide and slow way down, but might well try to find you guys for the return journey. Have you a meeting point/time planned, or is it just whoever’s ready and in one place at the time? I’ll probably be doing something interesting for the way back (to approximately the ace) if I miss you, in case anyone else does that but does find me.

Wherever i can park my bike will be the meet up point. i can message you where that is on fb on the day. Not gonna post it on a public forum

It’s not really the sort of thing you can plan ahead of arrival anyway, unless you’re also planning on avoiding Brighton itself :slight_smile:

Anyone heading down from the Ace that I could tag along with??

There’ll be plenty heading off from the Ace although I’d avoid it because it’ll be proper busy, not as busy as when 600+ female motorcyclists rock up but busy it will be.

Well, it depends what you’re into. I’d say half the point of the event is being in that cloud of several hundred motorbikes - that’s exactly what I’m going for, Brighton itself isn’t such a draw.

Sorry, what I meant was, anyone going from Ace to Rykas to meet up with Nick and others.