Brighter bulbs?

Whats the procedure for getting headlights to shine brighter without compromising electrics or risking overheating?

The bulb I have at the moment is 35/35W. I want a brighter light but I dont want to screw anything up by going in blind.

Anyone care to shed some light on my situation?


Philips Brilliance xtreme. Ride magazine did a complete round up of H4 and H7 bulbs and they were rated the best.

Otherwise, HIDs.

Xenon HID

Slighty missed the point :S

Im asking can I jump from 35/35W to something like 45/45W with no issues?


Best upgrade ever

Check the existing fuse rating :ermm:

If the existing fuse is rated at 10 amps then the wiring should be good for 100W @ 12 volts, although I believe 55w is the maximum for H4/H2 bulbs for road use - check out the Halfords Rally bulb range :wink:

Disclaimer - the above is simply based on Wattsits (Ohms) Law 100 (watts) / 12 (volts) = < 10 (amps) :slight_smile:

Assuming you have a 10 amp fuse for the lighting circuit then the wiring should be good for 120 Watts. (Good old watsits law again.) But that’s the total load, so you have to deduct anything else that’s running off the same circuit. Commonly that is rear light, brake light, instrument lights and sometimes indicators.

Apart from the rear/brake light, most is pretty trivial, so another 10 watts or so at the headlight should be an easy doing.

Like Kevsta said, Philips Brilliance xtreme, and 45/45W should be no problem.

Just been thinking about this. If you are running 35W, then you probably have twin headlights and are both on at the same time? If so then will be limited to 35W bulbs.

If they are the originals then switching to Halogen bulbs should make a huge improvement.

Single bulb!

Just pilot and dual filament main bulb.