Briefcase Law Ltd - Small Claims assistance - my new company

I have created a company with a couple of friends from Bar school.

The company is primarily involved with Small Claims cases at the moment, though we hope to expand in the future.

We offer a service, at a fixed cost, to help people through the small claims court.

No, this won’t be beneficial if you are claiming back £200 for a broken purchase; however, small claims now extend to £10,000 so if you’re trying to claim back £4,000 + you might find the service useful.

We have broken the service into 3 parts, this ensures that you don’t pay more than necessary; should the other party concede defeat before the case goes to court. We do not charge an hourly rate, so there is no growing expense as the case drags on in time.

The directors of the company have law degrees (LLB) or Graduate Diplomas (GDL) and have all passed the BPTC, which is the professional training course that Barristers must complete prior to pupillage. None of the directors have completed a pupillage, so none of the directors are “barristers” for the purpose of holding out for legal services.

Each of the directors have experience of cases from start to finish in a variety of courts and tribunals, and have extensive training in the Civil Procedure Rules.

You can expect a professional quality service at a stripped down price by engaging the services of Briefcase Law Ltd, rather than that of a solicitor or barrister.

As a disclaimer. We do not conduct your case. We assist you in conducting your case. This will mean that we will tell you what the technicalities are; we will draft documents for your approval and signature; we will collate and create trial bundles; draft witness statements; and ensure that you comply with all of the court orders that are made. We can even represent you in court as an advocate should the case go that far.

We do not collect money for “disbursements”. We tell you what you must pay to the court, and you pay the court. We send you court documents and you post them. We will write to the other party as a part of the service.

If you wish to bring a small claim, or know someone who does, or need to defend yourself in a small claim made against you, then please feel free to get in touch, either through the website, email or by using the telephone number on the site.

Congrats bro. :slight_smile:
Sure you will do well.

good for you man, sure there is going to be plenty of money to be made here.

Good luck Kaos. :slight_smile:

Great stuff Kaos! Huge congratulations!


Good luck Steve , hope it works out for you !!

Good luck mate!


Good job big man!

Very best of luck with this Kaos, hope it works out for you three and all your clients.


Sounds like a brilliant idea, best of luck.

Nice one Kaos. Of course if you lose a case, it does mean you will be immediately labelled “Briefcase wankers” :stuck_out_tongue:

Good luck. :slight_smile: I think there’s a real service here - far too many litigants in person who don’t have a clue what they are doing. Friends of mine in the profession are constantly whinging about people wasting their time with completely unprepared cases because they don’t know how to.

Me, I always prepare and shove little phrases in so that people in the know know that I’m not your average LIP. But I have 5 years of law school behind me.

Good luck with the venture Steve.

damn I wanted to do that joke!! :w00t:

Good luck mister!

Good luck dude!!

Well done and best of luck for you and all involved…

Sorry, could help myself :smiley:


Thanks for the well wishes.

We also assist people in defending themselves against small claims made against them.

Edited first post to reflect that fact.

Good luck fella :slight_smile:

Excellent news! Let me know if you want a testimonial to put up on your site…