Bridgestone Tyres

Hi. Anyone out there know if it’s ok to run a BT 010 on the back of my R6 with a BT 014 front, or perhaps a BT 020 front?

Cheers Guys

It should be fine mate the profile of the tyre is slightly different but not that different. I have always run BT 020’s on the back and an 010 on the front. Just recently I have got an 010 on the front and an 014 on the rear and it feels fine.

Im not a big fan of mixing treads. So id get the same as the front. A BT 14. Personally i feel a better, later tyre.

Why do you want a different tyre on the rear?
Never mix and match id say. Same with girls and their underwear…

wouldnt go for the 020 on the front, if anything put the 010 or 014 on the front, as the 020 is a more sports/touring so is a harder compound also the profile is quite different to the 010/014 tyres… i also never mix match, and unless cost is a very tight point, id always replace as a pair.

you may save 60quid now, but what will it cost if you throw it down the road?

Thanks guys. The situation is that I have a new 010 rear on and I’ve now been told that bridgestone have stopped making 010’s.

I’ve emailed Bridgestone about it but am still waiting on a reply.

Definately not gonna sling the new rear if I can help it! Credit cards already in pain!


They’ve stopped making it but there are a few dealers out there with some in stock. It might be worth ringing round before going for the 014 if ‘matching’ tyres bothers you - does me but I know plenty of people that havent had a problem.

Try the mail order guys, Busters M&P etc or even ebay.

Here is the reply from the 'orses mouth

Bridgestone say…

The BT010’s have been discontinued and have been replaced with the
BT014. The combination of the BT010 and BT014 has not been tested so I
cannot recommend you mix these tyres. The chances are they will be ok,
but, like I say, if you wish to mix them then that is your choice.


Bridgestone won’t say YES even they think its ok. If you then had an off that would be them admitting liability, something they won’t take the chance with.

They probably will be ok, and loads of people mix tyres. But personally I won’t, not obn the Gixxer anyway, but then again I’ve never had the need to even consider it yet.

Personally, I wouldn’t mix them either. If cost is an issue, perhaps look at a pair of part-worns which will get you road miles until you have the cash for a new pair to last longer. eBay is very good for this.

Yup I wouldnt mix treads either… It may be a very slightly different tread but I’m sure it would make a difference… letting a couple of psi outya tires makes a big difference and thats a very slight change…

Bridgestone are just saying that to cover themselves.

I have run 020 rears with 010 fronts I have also run 010 front and back at the same time and I am now running 010 front and 014 back. I have not had any problems in the wet or dry. Have been perfect.

I can’t see that a slightly different tread would make a huge difference the only time I can see it mattering maybe is if your going balls out on the track and really pushing it’s limits but apart from that should be fine.

Yes mate. Well in the end I put on a 014, and it seems fine. I reckoned if Bridgestone said something like “oh god don’t do it” then It might be a bad idea,but like I said it seems fine.

Of course Ideally I would always run the same tyres front and rear, but in the real world, I reckoned that I’ll go through the rear 010 long before the front so then I can stick an 014 on the back aswell.

Also I found a little workshop in North Wembley who give you a discount if you mention the Ace cafe and I got it fitted for 90 squid. I think theyve taken the Ad down from the wall in the Ace but I got the number if anyone feels the need

Whats the name of the place?

“Whats the name of the place?”

Errrr…It,s either North Wembley tyres or North Wembley MC’s, whatever, the number is 020 8908 3890