Bridgestone BT-016

Bridgestone BT-016

Sorting a new set tire’s for the GSXR, got the standard BT-015S, which I have got on with very well. My other bikes I fitted 2CT which I thought where amazing.
Just been read about BT-016, triple compound. Does anybody use them & how are you getting on with them?


My ZZR 1400 K7 chews through a rear BT-016 in about 3000 miles. I’m none too impressed. I plan on using Michelin Pilot Road 2s for the next set…

They’re also nothing special handling wise…

Hi there,

I use BT-016’s. I’m currently on my 3rd set and have taken them all round Europe, and on the track. If you had the 014’s before, they are a similar tyre around town, all be it i dont find they last much longer (3500 miles approx) on my R1. I think they are the best tyre available, however if you didn’t get on with the 014’s then you will probably disagree.

I used to use 002’s on the track, but these have the 002 compound on the edge, and if im honest, that’s really the only place ive noticed the difference. It takes quite a bit to get the heat in them, but once up to temperature they are VERY good. No use on the road though, not unless you ride like a tw*t. Like me. :smiley:

Hope that helps!!