bridge tonight

Only jokin!!!

don’t arrest me M15 plod

OOOOOOOOOOO take care!!!
They’re listening. They’re out there…Be carefull!

If I’m out I will be passing the bridge - look out for a beat up Africa Twin with a ‘legal’ loud can…I will need a cup of tea at some point and that’s as good a place as any…

help! the house has been surrounded…you’ll never take me alive copper #!#!!*!##…

I might do it… like take a ride over quite fast and just keep it in 1st… yoshi-tri trumpet

Over and out Looks like the bridge is no more and tonight there were a couple of cops, half a dozen Community cons and just for good times a couple of those people that can’t read signs but give out tickets, yes Londons most loved .

Also the officer that I talked with said that they read the site and are trying to put names to faces. Looks like I’ll be off to a private forum to chat and wish all here a good time.

Maybe now London has too many cops?

look at my avatar goodie gumdrops, I changed my lid and you can’t see my eyes, come get me plop heads


Why, are we supposed to have done something wrong ?

Why on earth did he say that to you, did he give an explanation ?

Trojan, you are a cop so should have the inside knowledge on this? or do you work in a different area of London?

I have to point out that the officer I chated with was in the most part being front up. He told us that the Rezy’s give updates all the time and the main light on tonight was the ever nice man who likes to film people .

Anyway, even with living South of the river it will be the Ace for me on Fridays now. Not worth the trouble and fines that I could see the token ticket officers will looking to hand out tonight.

Niceday, yep I’m a copper but not a local Officer and though I cover all of South London I’m not kept up to date with what happens on local Boroughs unless it is specific to my role.

I just can’t figure out why he said that they read this site and are trying to put names to faces. If we were all stunting and high reving sports exhausts then I’d understand but virtually all of us only ever went down to the Bridge to have a chat and a cup of tea / burger.

So because of the actions of a very few it appears as if they are going to spoil it for everyone.

I could understand if they had a couple of cops / pcso’s down there to prevent the reving and the stunting and let everyone carry on with the normal nice stuff. But they’ve decided to get out a sledgehammer to crack a walnut and are picking on a load of decent reasonable people who are very undeserving of this treatment.

If Wandsworth Officers are reading this then I want to know how they’ve got on with investigating the criminal damage that was caused to my bike by one of those residents as they haven’t bothered their backsides in letting me know ?

“Bridge tonight?”

More of a poker man myself

Names to faces?

I’ve recently shaved all my hair off.

I now look IDENTICAL to my avatar pic thingy.

(Ball gag only on Saturday night though Officers)

I would be surprised if the site was not being read… its worthwhile to note that!!

Point here - be careful what you put up on the forum as always…

for eg. opinions on accidents, etc…

and ehrm…

i personally LOVE all coppers… so if you reading this… and you ever see me just above the speed limit (cos i would never go over it intentionally - unless it was accidental/emergency/slipping throttle/that annoying tick in my right wrist) please bear that in mind

so did anyone actually go down to see what was happening?

if they really want to put names to faces, who cares, if you haven’t done anything illigal, why worry?

if i lived in the area i would be more concerned about the response times to the the more serious crimes. I am sure the the local plod would rather be out there catching bad guys than hanging around Chelsea Bridge.

I wounder if the local residence will be out filming next time one of them breaks the speed limit making a racket wth their twotones.

Democracy and freedom of speech… its great being a british subject!!

Anyone for a sit down demo to preach some sort of religion??..apparently thats ok to bring London to a stand still ,but woe betide a biker stopping for a burger and a cup of tea in a affluent area of London (does the term big brother spring to mind ? )

But then again we are only law abiding tax paying citizens.

More motorcycle victimisation anyone ???

How about we all get rid of our bikes and jam the streets of London with cars,mind you isnt that what red Ken wants.


is that ur msr’s??? in them there pics

It does seem a shame that the only way the local police seem to be able to deal with the situation is to blind us with Hi Viz and turn up mob handed on a Friday evening.

I’m left with the feelng that there seems to be a concerted effort to portray all bikers at the Bridge Meet (God Bless Her, May she Rest In Peace etc) as the criminal element. I’m struggling to work out why this is. It’s almost an attempt to make the practice of motorcyclists stopping and meeting at any location an anti social and in a way illegal one - sounds more like a Police Force than a Police Service…

I’m not that ‘in touch’ with modern policing methods - my only dealing with Safer neighbourhoods has been a positive one - more visable police and a regular patrol in my street - but I do wonder how much this current initiative is costing and whether money could be better spent in other ways.

I’m sure a couple of good officers or PCSO’s talking and moving around would be a good thing - it would certainly disuade the minority from attending.

I’ve been down at the Bridge on many occaisions when a traffic car or even little local patrol car was present - this was an effective deterent to any stunting and kept a lid on other antisocial activities. Indeed it also perhaps stopped the more ‘hot headed’ residents from misbehaving too…

Still not happy this situation…

I love cops, me… coulnd’t eat a hole one though.