Bricking It's new ride....

Got this a week ago, done 900 miles on her bringing her up to 2000 ish (yes, only). 56 plate, standard bike, ebay jobbie. Feckin epic bike.

one of the only bikes that could possibly maybe almost get me off of a sportsbike…

I’m thinking of that may be my next bike.

You don’t see many in that colour! Really nice! :cool:

I tried all sorts of bikes wanting something a bit more ‘toyish’: RSVR, K1200s, all kinds of things I fancied and thought I would end up with a sportsbike, but tried one of these for an hour and that was it: hooked. The motor is an absolute peach, the handling’s sublime, the suspension is firm but plush, feels expensive, nicely made, its a comfortable hooligan!! :smiley: BTW its a ‘titanium’ model which is quite a rare colour.

mmmmmmm tasty!!

I’m looking for a new bike after trashing my GSXR 750… How much did you get it for IYDMM asking… :smiley:

'56 plate, 1100 miles, 600 mile service done, unmolested, never dropped or pranged, garaged etc etc, ebay £4900, a pretty good price, maybe not the best, but i was in a bit of a rush. Dealer prices are abt £1500 more it seems. Good luck, try before u buy though, not everyone’s cuppatea, but its definately mine!:smiley:

Wow that is a nice price isn’t it!!

Yeah I have never ridden one so I’ll take a ride before I part with my cash… :smiley:


I think Two wheels only said, “Don’t fear low miles, too wild for some.” When talking about used examples. Probably comes with a sanity bypass like scooters do.

had one for the last 18 months amazing bit of fun