Brick Lane's Beigel Bake night time closure

Expected really

Memories of @MissPlum taking us there at around 3am on an all nighter

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I read Rishi Sunak is considering another ‘Eat out to Help out’ campaign, maybe that will stave off any day time closure.

Let’s just hope that when they do it we’ve all been vaccinated…

I do sympathise for the Bagel shop, they have been a staple of London life for years and would be a shame if they have to close. However, not sure how the Eat out to Help out will save them, I thought it wasn’t for takeaway which I thought was the mainstay of their clientelle, drunk or otherrwise?

I remember being a little kid and hearing stories from my uncle of how he would pick up from work and take to Bromley for my aunt. I’ve often been there after a late night out, but also to line the stomach before a night out. Don’t think I ever did both

They’ve also been through hard times recently with the killings there…

Would love another night ride. Could Miss P be persuaded to organise another?

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Not sure if Miss Plum is still hooning around on two wheels.

Bagel, beigel, always a source of disagreement in our house!

Last I heard Plum sold her bike to be all grown up and buy a house.

She’s probably making babies and stuff

That’s a very expensive bike, or a very cheap house :joy::joy: