Brick Lane - Saturday Market for Bikers ??


Has anybody been to the Saturday Market for Bikers,Bacon Street/Brick Lane,London E1 (20.000sq ft site)

I saw it mentioned in the MCN and was wondering if it’s worth a visit.

never heard of it - but would definitely be up for a visit.

According to MCN the Market is running every Saturday as from 31st March

Be careful with your bikes there thou, ive read theres been a spate of bike thefts down there

I was wondering about that aswell.

I am probably going to take a trip down there this Sat if anyone is up for a meet.

could be up for that RichM. Could meet you at the Ace to ride down.

Mmm. Why did I think it was on a Sunday? I put the number in my mob, 07836 284213. But I’ve prolly ccoked that up too!

Did any go? What day is it on?