Brick Lane curry

:sick: Errrgh, had the worse curry I’ve had in years last night. I went to “mango” in brick lane, order a Chicken tikka masala. What I got was boil in the bag styled chicken lumps with no flavour served obviously in tomato cup-a-soup. They clearly had no chef because no chef would serve that for human consumption. Also their levels of hygene must be shockingly low, because the dish had no spice at all and my gut is totally ruined today. I’ll spare you the details but this morning my guts were shedding out more rancid fumes than a 9 week old corpse in a wood chipper… hmmm, that’s not really sparing the details i guess.

Definitely give it a miss if you’re ever up there.

One of the Best is in our dock Mala why not come and try it one night much better then Brick lane

Brick Lane really just a tourist trap these days, best avoided if you want a good curry.

Yeah I’d definitely avoid it in future. I’m a bit of a curry connoisseur, I pride myself on making good quality food and only eating decent food. I’ve spoiled myself by sticking to my regular places, but that curry last night was without a doubt the worse I’ve had in years. I feel like they pretty much just robbed me and posioned me.

My brother had a ruby from a place called the argy bargy down brick lane. ended up in intensive care ward at the QE in woolwich. Deadly it was ****** put like a whole jar of chilli in the thing. Specialist said he had 10% burns on the inside.

His colon was doing the conga aswell when he shit it out!! Jesus that wern’t funny. Heard big roars like a lion coming out the shit house. He couldn’t stand up for a month let alone sit down. He had to where a nappy aswell because of internal damage it had a laxative effect on him.

Did you see that documentry on DAVE? They caught some Bengali bloke number 2ing in the sink in some curry house… Nasty

hence why youde never catch me in a curry house



  • Infinity dude, I couldn’t agree more!

the wine is fine , ask Mel :slight_smile:

hahahaha :D:D:D:D:D Quality night!

Oh dear god, :sick: .

That’s shocking! Next time I go out to eat I’m only going on recomendations by people who know their stuff.

There’s only about two India restuarants I rate and they’re both in the Midlands.

Sorry mate I know that’s not meant to funny but I just rolled up reading that… maybe it was the way you wrote it. I bet that put him off a ruby for life!

I regularly go to The ‘Famous’ Moonlight at the south end of Brick Lane; doesn’t look like much but is excellent. Once a month or so for the last few years. Haven’t died yet.

It’s fine mate I no where your coming from. I had never seen anyone over powered by there own poo before. Horrific sight. Looked like a Crime scene

there is a place called Aladin (spelling) near the bridge towards the bars and stuff, BYO booze and very cheap curry, always packed by far one of the best! If i have to go brick lane we always go there!

I’m still dropping farts that smell like rotting cat food :crazy: ! Damn those Brickie bastards!

We need to get out for another one soon :smiley:

A superb restaurant near Brick Lane is TayYabs on Fieldgate Street. A lot of them there are a bit suspect.Menu is basic, (only about 8 items on the mains) inexpensive but incredibly tasty. People queue up here which is good thing. Getting hungry recalling it.

Its one of those places where you can eat a lot and will not need to be ramming a huge cork in your jacaranda 24 hours later like the poor bloke original poster.

I don’t trust curry houses since I found pubic hairs in my poppadoms big long thick ones. Ones that looked like you could skin a crocodile with.

It’s your accent, they obviously thought you asked for pubadoms… :smiley: