I have a k8 gsxr1000 and im looking to change the

Front and rear brake calipers brembo

Brake discs brembo

Handlebar master cylinders brembo
brake leavers bremboHas any one done this and can you tell me significant diffrence’s :wink:

thanks for the help!

I have a Brembo master cylinder on my K4 750 with the stock calipers, braided hoses and the braking is incredible. It’s a track bike and even at the end of a straight it stands on its nose, excellent stopping and loads of feel and ability to modulate.

Might be worth putting one on and seeing how it goes, Adz said the new RCS cylinder was even better.

if you put that set up on your k8 the brakes would be phenomenal and a world of difference to what you have now…

most moden bikes have very good brakes as it is so you just have to ask yourself do i need it? and can i afford it?

your looking at 2 grand ish for that lot!!

the thing with mods is…

if you fit upgrades to one part of the bike it shows up the weaknesses in other parts.

brakes that good need better suspension to cope with the new forces placed upon them.

if you want to mod the brakes i would start with a Brembo M/C, some braided lines and maybe some new pads.

that will give you a better feel and a bit more power.

Go for the master cylinder. If you need to change the rest on that bike you should consider racing!!

I am wondering what’s the matter with the k8 brakes? Can not believe you have had brake fade or loss of feeling. k7-8 or very good for the roads

I run the Brembo MC, braided lines and uprated pads which is a great combination, and after thrashing a Ducati 1098 around Brands Hatch, I’d like to throw on the Monobloc calipers, but that’d cost about a grand with the pads, which aren’t cheap either.

Can anyone confirm if the 1098s/r comes with full racing monobloc calipers of the consumer model which isn’t technically a monobloc, but is half the cost? I suspect it’s the consumer model, which would be MORE than enough.

One thing to bear in mind though, is the more you up-rate your brakes, you might also be increasing the chance of you washing the front out under hard/emergency braking on the road in less than ideal conditions. Food for thought perhaps.

520 quid delivered with caliper spacers and bolts jay…

go on you knwo you want to!!

K7-K8 are ok but not good. I had my discs warp twice within a couple of thousand miles, the back used to lock up alot under braking, and not hard breaking.

Since I’ve upgraded mine to 310 Brembo HPK Discs with Bendix Pads and Goodridge lines it’s great, it doesn’t need much more messing on that front.

How are your R1 calipers working out Adz.

Ever since I’ve had my R1, I’ve been trying to eliminate a front end chatter (vibration) problem I get under hard braking. It lasts for a few moments even after the brakes have been released.

I thought it could be the calipers pumping the pistons, or the discs.

The forks have been changed since I got the bike to the R1 special edition ones, and new steering bearings have also been installed. Also new caliper piston seals were installed. The problem persists however.

Unsure whether to change the discs and the calipers.

:Dive decided im gonna change my calipers and disks see hoe that does me first

Brembo monobloc calipers and M/C on the 1098 are awesome, they also have Brembo discs front and rear :smiley: