Brembo master cylinder

I’ve got the chance to buy a Brembo radial master cylinder that has come off a 06 ZX10R, just wondered if these are universal and it will fit my 02 R1 ?

Also, anyone know anything about a LSR clutch perch as i can get this thrown in with the deal.



i think u ment ISR CLUTCH and they do master cylinder as well their radial one is just a work of art i have the non radial one and matching clutch in my view they the dogs bo***ks

have a look at this link they are the main pepole to import the stuff and if u can get it for cheep then good luck to u

Brembo race master cylinders are universal yes. You might need a different banjo bolt though for your lines, and needless to say, you should always replace the copper washers after each tightening.

Is it the 19x18 model? That’s the daddy. The 19x20 is less popular as it offers less feedback.

Yep your right it is ISR (typo error).

Jay, just spoke to him and its a 19x20, would this still be a good upgrade?

Both are only 4 months old and i get them for £100.

£100 for both is an absolute steel!!! I think the Brembo is about £230 on its own. I just wonder if the 19X20 is suitable for the R1 which is supposed to have pretty sharp brakes as std (not sure about the 02 model though). If you do go for it, I suggest you run softer pads to try and get the feel back (otherwise it might feel very grabby).

I’ve used the 19x20 and didn’t like it. I’ve used 19x18’s on a few bikes and love em, the power is great the feedback is insane. The 19x20 was too powerful for the road, I thought I was going to end up on the floor if the wrong circumstances came round, i.e. cold tyres, wet ground, sudden course blockage (car, ped, etc).

Up to you, but 19x18’s can be got for about £150 from America, and there’s some Italian alternatives as well for less. Remember you need a brake-light activator mechanism as well. Most people in the UK use pressure sensors inline with the brake hose, but I don’t like these as they’re not adjustable for when they activate and tend to fade with time. I use a special, adjustable electronic unit from the states for my 19x18.

19 x 18 or 19 x 20 is exactly the same thing…(i.e… they are both a 19mm bore) just the lever ratio which is different, and you can buy an 18 ratio lever for £25 quid!

buy it… if you dont like the 20 ratio then buy the 18 ratio… and sell the 20 on eBay

£230 jeez i wouldnt pay that for a Brembo unless its the cast one, normal 18x19 or 19x20 retail at about £160 most places but there are a few places that you can pick them uo cheaoer than that (i.e NEC / Ally pally show for £140 or a guy on eBay NEW for £145 Delivered)

The price that I saw may have been for the clutch and brake set - was a while back.

Ok, went to fit the master cylinder to the R1 today and what a pain in the a**e.

The clamp that bolts the cylinder to the bars just will not fit, it fowls the cut off switch housing and the clamp that bolts the bars to the forks.

NOT a happy bunny.

I use a special, adjustable electronic unit from the states.

I’ve been looking for one of those. What is the official name and where excactly did you get it from, if you don’t mind?