So today was the first proper day off with this good weather and decided to go see my brother up in Colchester. I set off from Kilburn at noon and had a very uneventful run down the A1 to the M25 then up the A12.

Pulled up at his house around 1:30pm and decided to go get some lunch so back on the bikes into the town centre. After that my brother had to pop to tesco’s to pick up some odds and ends. On the way there we came up to a roundabout and my brother went straight through. I followed although i should have been paying a bit more attention and very slightly skipped past a patrol car coming from the right.

Blues come on and I pull over with my brother just ahead. After a short conversation about road saftey and what not he said I should pay more attention to what i’m doing no matter who i’m following and if i know the area or not. Then to my suprise comes out with “right sir have you had anything to drink today as I’d like to take a breath test on you.” Bah laughed that off and resulted in a zero…not like I even drink now that I ride.

After that I left for home for yet another uneventful blast acoss the country and got home luckly beating any type of rush hour traffic. All in all a great day and I can’t wait to do a few more road trips this summer! Hope you all had a great day!