Breast Cancer Weekend

A Lorna Price and Dave Barrington Presentation in Association with and

Calling for all at

Have you ever wanted to get involved in something big, where you can make a difference, give your time and energy for a cause that effects millions of people and have the most unforgettable experience in the process? I am making a call for all of to join together for the

Aviva Weekend to Breakthrough Breast Cancer.

On September 16th – 17th, thousands of men and women will take to the streets to celebrate their contribution to record-breaking fundraising for Breakthrough Breast Cancer, a leading charity in the fight against breast cancer. This is a journey of 60 kilometres taken with one goal in mind; to bring us one step closer to the end of breast cancer. Funds will be used to support innovative cancer research for the development of new treatments and compassionate care. The monies raised to date are already partially being put to use by the team of 100 scientists working at the research centre in Fulham.

The event is sponsored by Aviva and marketed by Heart FM, who will be attending the event. We’ve had support from ITV and channel 4, with a consistent broadcasting campaign since the beginning of the year. We also have a fabulous Radio One DJ, participating in the walk.

So please listen for shout outs on Radio 1!

This event is made possible because of the dedicated energies of our Crew. I need members to be the *Motorcycle Safety * team. The team will assist both walkers and traffic at certain crossings on the route throughout the streets of London. You will ensure walker safety and good traffic flow, whilst supporting and motivating our amazing walkers along their journey. With your ability to move through traffic swiftly, you will be indispensable troubleshooters along the route.

You will be our Helmeted Leather wearing Biker Heroes, the eyes and ears for our walkers.

(Masks and Pink Bra,s are optional)

And after all your hard work, I want you to come join us in Camp on the Saturday Evening for the

Live Entertainment and Festivities!

We will be a Community within a Community !!

A Pink Tented Village with Food, Music and lots of Dancing!

Whether you can give your time for just one or both days, this is a unique opportunity for you to contribute your valuable skills to a cause that affects so many people’s lives.

Please email my fellow Co-Ordinator and your fellow Member “Barro” with your names so that I can calculate the response in conjunction with our needs on the day.

mailto: [email protected]

A Big Thank You in advance to =

Administration at for the use of your wonderfull website.

Barro for the Introductions, Promotion and Crew Co-Ordination.

Matt Cashmore for his Professional Expertise in Podcast Recording.

All at Members Forums (without you this wouldnt happen.)

We look forward to welcoming you on what will be a “Fantastic Experience”.

Lorna Price / Dave Barrington.

Crew Co-ordinators

The Weekend to Breakthrough Breast Cancer[email protected]

Main Tel - 0870 950 8888

Back up – 07810 552 092 (out of hours)

Direct Tel - 0207 822 8606

**Schedule ** (tentative, but the best estimate – all times TBC closer to the event dates):

Day 1:

5:30am Arrive for breakfast and gear drop-off (if staying overnight)

6:30am Meet with Crew Captains and Dispatcher ( Macp/ Matt/ Barro&nbsp by motorcycles

6:45am Depart per Crew Captain’s schedule to designated route points; check in with Road Dispatch every 30 minutes for

updates and stage according to specified locations (and possibly updated locations per Dispatch); eat at Lunch Pit Stop between assignments

7:00pm Go to Camp (Food Drinks and Party Hard)

Day 2:

5:30am Breakfast & pack-up gear

6:15am Meet with Crew Captains and Dispatcher by motorcycles

6:45am Depart per Dispatchers schedule to designated route points; check in with Road Dispatch every 30 minutes for

updates and stage according to specified locations (and possibly updated locations per Dispatch); eat at Lunch Pit Stop between assignments

Proceed to Holding as specified on schedule

4:00pm All Crew Meeting in specified location

Closing Ceremonies (More Food Drinks and Harder Partying)

Lorna Price/ Dave Barrington

Crew Co-ordinator,s

Londonbikers Members =

(Radio Equipment linking you to Central Dispatch along with Hi Vi Vests will be issued to all Crew Members at the Crew Captains Meeting and all Crews will be issued Route Plans and Marker Points at the same time).

(The Format will be that Bikers will Pair up to make Mini Crews and have designated marker points to control reporting their presence at their point with Dispatch Centre and Crew Captains. This will be explained and Maps and Reference points posted on site and supplied in Paper Form at a later date.) All riders and members with Bikes staying on the Village for the weekend will automatically be covered by Aviva,s Fully Comp Insurance, Bike and Person !!!.

Dave Barrington Crew Co-Ordinator Londonbikers

There you go Guys and Gals…

In laymans terms…for just £25 you will be part of the Biggest Breast Cancer Fundraiser Party London holds, you will have full use of the facilities on the Village, Full access to all Festivities (Food, Drink and Live Entertainment) and above all…we get to live on the Village all weekend with Tents and Utilities Supplied !!..(Private Security patrolling Village and Bike Area !!).

All TV, Radio and News will include and we will have one of the biggest photo calls we have had and not to mention THE RUBBING OF SHOULDERS WITH THE RICH AND SHAMELESS !!!

Come On !!!..Value, Quality and lots of fun

Listen out for this weeks additional Podcast with guests from Breast Cancer Reasearch addressing members !!


[email protected]

I’m in!

me too of course.

Count me in mate

Silverstone BSB may mean my absence?

Capt MacP at your service!!!

I’m in!

I hope not mate as I was hoping you will be there for the Official Photo call with LB, Aviva and Breakthroughweekends at the After Party and Closing Ceremonies !

The 16th I am involved in a Social Event @ work. However I will work out a way to get out of it 'cos this is something really close to my heart. Might pull a sickie?

So tentative yes (90%)

Not needed…

I have all the Radio Equipment…Hi Vi Vests…Dispatchers and Call Centre Staff all in place…

There is no stone unturned on this one my friend.

Barro,s Baby !!!

Would have loved to but I am already marshalling 50 cyclist from Paris to London that weekend in aid of a Children’s Hospice.

if i am around ill do it…

Don’t forget! You can help in other ways than on a bike. So if you can’t make it you can donate money - there is still time to enter the walk itself - you need to raise the minimum sponsorship but I’m sure people will help you on this forum.

Tell your friends and family too as they need people on the route just to cheer these guys on - so if you can’t make the event but are passing by give 'em a cheer!

Remember! If you say you can help you are commited to helping so only put your name down for the ‘crew’ roles if you know you can defo do it!

It also can’t be a last minute decisoin as you have to submit your data for the insurance and catering/ accomodation

Thanks Cez…

That is why its so important to email the posts email addrress so as the Aviva people can register you for their insurance cover on the day. (full comp while on the route and in the village)

you will be asked on registering on the Friday for a photcopy of your insurance and driving licence!

nothing has been missed…have faith in the Barro !!

Amazing initiative Barro! Count me in! I’ll put the stock exhaust back on to save the walkers from death-by-bleeding-ears.


I hope you got Very BIG hi-viz vest cos I’m in too…

im in too barro, but i try not to bring the rust bucket lol, youll be able to spot me anyway

Put me down please