Breast Cancer Weekend - THANKS

My wife and 3 friends are doing the walk this weekend. She phoned home last to report on progress and despite not really being into bikes was full of enthusiam for the help given by Londonbikers.

Friendly, helpful, encouraging and they gave a great display of noise and wheelies when entering the overnight campsite. Looks like the bikers have lots of new fans

Well done to everyone

thank you for your kind words and after reading that i feel terrible about not being there today…i was so knackered after yesterday i had to come home…those walkers were marvellous and are probably more knackered than me !!!

im going back up there…*od it…they deserve all the help they can get…thank you for making me see that


Yep wife has 10 Km to go. She is struggling but I’m sure will make it.

We are off soon to Greenwich to welcome them in.

Hats off to anyone walking this weekend… as for us riding and volunteering the pleasure was all ours fella

My god!! What an amazing weekend! I’ve never done anything that was so much hardwork but yet so rewarding emotionally. I am cream-crackered after about six hours sleep over the whole weekend. My bed calls. It was great to meet so many happy and determined people. The LB guys and girls did an absolutely fantastic job of marshalling everyone along safely. It brought tears to all our eyes during the final congratulation/presentation.

I am completely lost for words on how I feel to see LB doing such good. It makes me feel extremely proud of all the hard work we’ve put into making LB something special. To all those involved; a big thanks to you, and you have my utmost respect!

The walkers; incredible, I’d have found that walk hard, but they did it and were still up for a party afterwards on both days. Many stories will come from this, and the pictures will tell some of that story I hope. It’ll take me a couple of days to get the pics online as there’s just so many (816 after the first round of deletes), but bear with me.

Flats; try not to stall it when showing off, doh, lol…

Trojan; same as above, but with different consequences.

Cor blimey, what have we just done?! I’m not sure, but I know it’s good!!

Seconded…WELL DONE ALL …Corking weekend and very emotional…very proud

Stunning stunning weekend… you guys where just amazing throughout the whole weekend, understanding and patient, and generally all round fantastic!

Thank you all sooo much !

I had a wonderful time, I can’t believe how tierd I am, amazingly I did 100 miles riding yesterday, not counting the run home… Stace was stunning working as Team Captain with me on Sunday - I think we have this marshelling thing sussed guys! Roll on the next one!

It was the most amazing feeling running down the centre of that field with everyone cheering us… I think that will stay with me for the rest of my life.


Congrats guys, from the comments made by various people after the event you guys certainly made a lasting impression. So proud to see you all up on the stage at the end, lids off to you all. Looking forward to next years event - i’ll be there!

Well done folks, you’re all an amazing bunch of people And huge congrats to all the walkers!

And apologies for me and my bike being crap and bugging out

hey Mrs…‘me and my bike being crap’…bike yes, you no…good on ya girl…big hug

We went to the Park to watch the walkers come in. Everyone was very complimentary about the bikers.

Loved it when the bikers arrived in formation and pulled a few smokey wheelspins in front of the crowd. The bikes were noisy so you probably didn’t hear the loudest cheer of the day - well done.

Spotted a girl on a Ninja - was that you Sallee?

That was an amazing weekend. I wanted to put up something last night but it was all I could do to unload my bike and get in to bed. I have to say it was a privilege to be part of this event and to be a member of LB, working with all the riders gives me a very proud feeling.

I’m still coming out of this weekends bubble and the memories of this weekend will stay with me for a long time to come.

To all the ladies and gentlemen whom did the walk well do what a fantastic achievement and thank you.

To all the riders thank you for the best weekend I have had in a long time.

Barro: I know there are a few threads saying thank you but thank you for this opportunity.

As Matt said bring on the next event.

Stay safe and i’ll see you all at Cubana

Oh yeah nearly forgot, Charlie your a great tent buddy i’ll happily share with you any time, i’ll even supply the beer next time

ditto and what do u mean charlie the nutter neversatyed in the tent but fell asleep outside about 3am sunday morning

That is why he is a good tent buddy.

i suppose there was more room for you lol

black and yellow Ninja and me with black lid…then it was me…

even more glad that i went back on the Sunday …it was amazing !..they were amazing