Breast Cancer Weekend - Safety crew meeting


This Wednesday (30/8/06) can those involved as Safety Crew riders get to Cubana for 8:00PM We’ll all then head over the road to the pub to go through what we’ll be doing on the weekend and we’ll hand out routes for the 2 days too.

Can you all please try and make this meet as it’s quite important. Sorry for the short notice.

If you can’t attend then please PM me to let me know.


do you know how many appointments i have to shuffle around to make this…

Cool, no worries, see you all then!

do we get to see some breasts???

(30/9/06) wont it be done and dusted by then???

surley you mean 30/8/06

Yes I mean 30th AUGUST!

So thanks for shuffling the appointments and I’ll see you there…

Flatout, none?

I’ll be there. No appointments besides Cubana anyway

Will be there, but at the latest will have to leave at half 8.

If I have problems will drop you a pm mate.

No worries! It should all be straight forward!

how old are you?

and i will be there …with my breasts !

29 going on 12…

I’ll be there!


with his man boobs

Mine will be there too!!


Will be there

Grrrrrrrrrrr… yeh and me

Yeh i will be there, if only to see if flats gets his man boobs out.

i will be there!!