breaking d6

My college are fairly interested in it, however…

They want to know exactly what you want for it… and would you be able to supply some sort of VAT receipt?

Sorry old fruit, I’ve begun the spannering process…

Hi Scorch.

I am after a few bits I think:

1)Rear disc (if yours is less dished than mine!)

2)I have never had rear pegs and a rear seat. I could maybe persuade my Mrs. to have a ride on the back but she refuses to try the ZX-10. If the D6 ok for the pillion? If so then I’d maybe be after these bits too.



I’ll get a vernier on the disc tomorrow. Mrs S and I have done Yorkshire a couple of times on the D6.

No worries bud…

5mm thick

damn shame to see a bike split

It was with a heavy heart that I dismantled it yesterday. :crying:

Sorry for not responding - I was away this weekend. The disc looks good- if it were not for the holes you could eat you breakfast cereal from mine- it is worn much more in the center making it very bowl shaped. Unsure why it is wearing like that but the problem doesn’t seem to affect the breaking in anyway.

If you want to send me a PM with whatever you want for the disc and the pillion seat/pillion pegs I’d be grateful and I will have a think to see if I need anymore consumables. My "new"stator seems to be working OK but my bike has started doing what I know yours used to do; holding a higher idle than normal even when at temperature. These bikes really do have a mind of their own! Still If I can get to 50K I’ll get a Kwak 636 as a replacement :slight_smile:



Sorry just had a look at your list of parts on Page 1. I would also take your rear brake pads (bit scabby to buy second hand brake pads but I eat the rear ones in town!) and I am interested in a price for the forks as I have a weeping seal.