breaking d6

All parts from Daytona 600 available, pm for prices

Your yellow one? :confused:

I’m afraid so :frowning:

How comes?

Scorch - what’s needed to get it up and running again…and fit enough to pass an MOT?

Just wondered about a winter project and taking it on as a complete bike…

Its mot’d and taxed until the middle of next year :wink:

In case anyone else is interested.

Reason for breaking: Sick to death of chasing down an erratic idle. I’ve had the bike for 3 years + and I have never felt satisfied that its running properly. That and I want something bigger, and I have just run out of patience and time.

Bad points:
The compression rebound screw on the rear shock is seized.
Most of the fairings are a bit tatty.
The idle issue
The sub harness is a bit tatty in places, I was in the process of repairing a couple of connections when the tank fell off its perch and…
The tank has a nasty scratch in it.
The fuel connectors snapped, along with the wire to the fuel pump.
42000 on the clock

Good Points:
upgraded battery
upgraded regulator to mosfet
fairly new tyres
renthal front sprocket
chain and rear sprocket only done about 2k
sump gasket recently replaced
exhaust header gaskets recently replaced
castrol oil change last week, with new filter
new pads 2 weeks ago.
polished top yoke
fork oil replaced in the last 1000 miles
valve clearances done in the last 1000 miles
scorpion aftermarket exhaust
throttle body rubber replaced in the last 1000 miles
1050 quick twist throttle
side lights converted to indicators, stock front indicators replaced with flush mount
6 months MOT
4 months tax (I would have to check for precise amount of mot and tax)
fuel filter replaced in the last 1000 miles
iridium plugs
k and n air filter
ermax under tray
polished fuel filler cap
Does 150mph on a good day (probably ;))

Comes with some spares. If anyone fancies the project make me an offer. I’ll hold off the scavengers until the end of the week.

Out of curiosity is this carb or injection?

Keihin EFI

My tutor might want this… I will let you know. (wont be seeing/speaking to him untill thursday tho) so il let you know if you still have it

How much are you looking for?

Got to be worth a grand hasn’t it? I think I’d make around that parting it out…


does she come with it? :slight_smile:

Damn, beat me to it. However, as pissed off as the wife would be at me coming home with yet another ‘project’, I’m sure she would be really pissed off if I came home with both of them for the grand. I’m not even sure the ‘it’s my birthday’ excuse would wash… :frowning:

Well I asked her on your behalfs, she doesn’t seem keen…:wink:

To be fair though, she hasn’t met me.

I suspect the answer would be ‘Hell no’ if she had.