What sort of food do you have for breakfast?Are you one of those strange creatures that actually enjoys…cereal…yuk…

Or do you not eat breakfast at all?

Todays speciality a la mole is Chow Mein Super Noodles… mmmm, heartburn-tastic! :laugh:

I’m sad, usually just yogurt and orange juice.

Sunday at the Ace, usually large cooked breakfast with all the trimmings

Several cups of tea:D…Eat! food! no way can’t look at food til lunchtime stomach won’t tolerate it:doze:

Coffee . . . who can eat first thing in the morning ? :w00t:

toast with marmite, crusts best, and a cup of tea…maybe the odd jelly baby, bit of home made cake if there is any left and a yogurt sometimes…I could eat a full english but dont have time to cook it…and beans make my rear end chatter all day long…not nice

Actually Had: Muesli, Banana, Strawberries, Yoghurt, Shreddies and corn flakes + mug of tea.

Really Wanted: 2 sausages, bacon, egg, baked beans, mushrooms, fried tomato, potato slices and toast.

3 Shreddies and orange juice every morning

Now just off to the Gym…sad i know but feel so much better for it:P

Pj…3 shreddies!:w00t: i take it you mean 3 bowls?:smiley:

A bowl of cereal (cheerios at the mo), cuppa tea and an orange juice :slight_smile:

Coffee…who can drink coffee in the morning?

Give me tea any day.

Went to the gym this morning, however forgot my trainers, so had to have a sauna instead!

Porridge with raisins then a satsuma, apple, pear and a cup of coffee

If I plan my morning well and get up early then…

Weetabix, Crunchy Nut Cornflakes, Shreddies, etc etc…


Usually… Crawl out of bed… Late!!, rush for the tube…


Sausage Bap, Danish Pastry & A Huge Coffee with 3 sugars at work!:pinch:

I live on the fruits of life

Muesli and coffee

Coffee until late afternoon then pick.

Steve I bet you dream about breakfast, knowing how your stomach works :smiley: You do love your food :w00t:

coffee…all teh way…get into work…french stick with bacon amnd mushrooms and brown sauce…yum yum

jam on toast n coffee :slight_smile:

or if got the stuff in fridge a nice fry up :slight_smile:

gotta maintain my svelt figure you know :smiley:

Getting up on time at home = Toast, cereal, orange juice, tea.

Leaving late = bacon and cooked tomato sandwich with brown sauce, orange juice and tea from the canteen at work.

I like being late.

Cereal and a cup of tea.

Double Espresso with decent Italian coffee (15 bar machine) and a bowl of bran flakes. Been my standard breakfast for some 12 years. I’ll enjoy a fried egg on toast at weekends if I feel like it, or the continental breakfast if abroad.