Breakfast Club Run

Looks like dhofty has called it on (in the Supermoto forum).

Dont be the one asking the post Breakfast Club Run question:Remeber, y’gotta-be-in-it-to-bin’it!Here, fuelled and ready to leave for 8am:,190403&st=4&ar=Y&mapp=newmap.srf&searchp=newsearch.srf

I’M IN:D think i’ll be arriving with D, you bring the ducati then? repping the V-TWIN MASSIF!

Top man!

Jazz Mag’s KTM was giving my 900ss a hard time down the straights t’other day! Must be more sick than I thought?

oops…thats not good! tho if its **** weather tommrrow i wont be giving it at all, spoke to D, he loves his new toy!:smiley:

Yeah I bet, some of those G-Spot tigglers are the bizz. I think he has an Ann Summers Loyalty Card now… sorry, which Toy are you referring to?

ahem!.. his new orange toy…ya know…the KTM!:smiley:

ARF ARF, Coooeer Mrs:blush:

:laugh: orange sex toy is about rite;) even got 9 sets of rubbers with it (tyres that is)ann summers s&m leathers sound good (super & moto i think) i’ll be wearing them 2mora:D

what a fun day!:smiley: and i thought i was pretty quick;)

good to finally meet ya sneaky, thanks for all the tips, i will get my lines better for next time! nice meet all the other guys too, boy you lot can shift!:w00t:

really enjoyed my self learnt a bit n all, and we raced the rain…and won!!:cool:

a few piccies!The V-Twins!! -1

DHoftys new toy!:smiley: its a fugging loon!

and a gorgeous 1098 duke one of two i see today!

oh and 1 of me looking a bit moody, and needing a hair cut!:wink:

told ya you’d enjoy it :smiley: more moto’s next time tho;) thanks all 4 a good day :smooooth: except 4 me bit of off roadin again:crazy::laugh: weather was good to us aswell :slight_smile:

haha that was funny, i looked up to see you had gone, cmae round the corner and d was trying out his new toy, off road!:D:P leaves everywhere…

if you look at thefirst pic-right at the back, we made him park away from us, cos his bike is embarrsingly loud, made half of high beech jump when we left there;):w00t:

if you look at thefirst pic-right at the back, we made him park away from us, cos his bike is embarrsingly loud, made half of high beech jump when we left there;):w00t:
i was usein the cafe as my side stand:D the old timers @ high beach dont need much to startle them but thought i’d warm them up wit some flames from me end can:D

now all you need is a bonkers sm 4 your self 2 be reckless on

Darn’nit only the Italians could make summit so beautiful. The styling, attention to detail, contemporary engineering techniques. That ol’Prilla and the SV just don’t stand a chance, do they!

Am I going to get left behind next time I manage to get out on the run:D

Somehow, Broady, I very much doubt it! Red on that Aprillia gotten a bit . I think that you guys have both been out on the BCR together? He’s sorted his lines/positioning out a treat. Good pace and very safe, really starting to use the bike nicely. He didn’t get lost this time either!:smiley:

no way mate:smooooth: no one ever gets left behind, you ride at your own pace :stuck_out_tongue: its a great day out with lots of cool roads.

sneaky & the guys are cool dudes:cool: you always ride the way you want & you never have to “race”

once you go out with them you count the days till the next time(well i do :D) but sayin that, its not every weekend :crying:

next time its on come say hiya

Broady’s been on the ride a couple’times, he knows the deal. He prolly wont want me to let on, but he’s a class act out there on the roads. He really knows his stuff, we’ll all learn lots from following this guy… Very smmmmmmmmooth, very safe and a progressive as you like:cool: Ps, the flash g1t:P

cool stuff sneaky:D good day 2day. got me bike started bout 5 mins after you left us 2day :blink: but once its started it dont stop.

so what do ya tink of me new bike:Wow: jazz mags book his test ride next saturday

Its awful isn’t it! As its you, I’ll swap you the Ducati for it! You do know that I wouldn’t do that for anyone else, don’t you?:stuck_out_tongue:

It really is the bizz m8! I’m really, really made up for you.:w00t: