breakfast club run (bcr)

anyone up for a run to finchingfield friday will meet at collier row at 11am,190403&st=4&ar=Y&mapp=newmap.srf&searchp=newsearch.srf]

or you can meet me here at 10:30am & i’ll take you there:) petrol stn,-0.056498&daddr=&mra=mi&mrsp=0&sz=16&sll=51.538515,-0.059137&sspn=0.005832,0.019999&ie=UTF8&z=16

Oooo, me, pick me, pick me :smiley: :smiley: :w00t:

Desparation is a little unbecoming, at lest seem a little unconcerned or say your bike is pants and may not start.:slight_smile:

Lol, this is what unemployment has done to me, sent me crazy…ok before anyone pipes up, I know I was crazy before but I am crazier now! :stuck_out_tongue:

you sound like your perect for the bcr:D

Would you mind if I come along if I turn out to be free? Going to be bike-less for a while after the weekend so might aswell have some fun while I can.
Not been on a proper group ride-out before though mind…

cool mate welcome along :slight_smile: as i said to tiggi there will be a few that know the route, me ratty46 or marklid will keep at the back so not to lose anyone

if you want to meet in hackney you can follow me there:)


Mad-Dog, does Tiggi have the BCR standard exhaust? That’d be perfect!:smiley:

:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D Nowt’s about to change then!

MD, Google maps says it’ll take you 27mins to Collier Row, you’ve only allowed yourselves 1/2 hour? In BCR mode, shouldn’t you leave Mare St. a good bit earlier?:smiley:

I’ll be up for this if i finish work on time, I’m only at Romford so Collier Row is good for me.:smiley:

just give me self a extra min:D

sneaky you coming out friday? i can help you onto the ducati :cool:

Friday … Nice that some have days off, whilst others have to work! :wink:

Enjoy your rideout, and hope weather is on your side :smiley:

Well my can is now where near as loud as Mad Dogs!! Am a still allowed to come :stuck_out_tongue:

sorry tiggi but we need as much noise as possible so we dont have to listen to ratty winge about the moisture in the atmosphere:D

Well I got a blue flame and it’s louder than the standard can so if I ride around in really high revs we won’t hear Ratty moaning :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m quite looking forward to practicing wheelies on Ratty’s new bike :cool:

I wonder if we would be eligible for unemployment discount from the tea shop ? Might get change from a tenner then :stuck_out_tongue:

Ratty come out anyway mate, if it’s wet look upon it as experience !

i’ll also plan the route with steep hills so we can switch engine off to save fuel :smiley:

listen up kiddies!

you wont hear sod all over the cans on my Thou:D