Breakdown cover...

I’ve never bothered with Breakdown cover before but now im a bit older and well hopefully a bit wiser - Im going to get myself some breakdown cover because it make sesnse.

Does anybody have an recomendations for good service - RAC / AA / Green Flag??

Im not sure who would provide the best service to bikers, i just wanted to see if anybody had any good ones to mention and/or bad ones i should stay away from?

Have used RAC - AA and Greenflag as a driver of crap cars and found them all much of a muchness. Called out RAC once to non starting scoot which they sorted soon enough.

One bit of advice…you know anyone with Tesco vouchers? I got by RAC membership for 1/3 of the full price using them. (Cheers mum!)

I’ve used the RAC several times, they’ve always been flawless. Though I’ve never tried anyone else, I don’t really feel much need to.

AA have been very good the two times I’ve had to call them out for the bike - both times for flat tyres.

We are about to launch an exclusive LB breakdown scheme with a 15% discount and four different levels - all really good value for money.

If you can hang on for a few days, it will be up and running. :slight_smile:

Out of interest, does this cover accident recovery?

Think ahead and read all the terms & conditions from any of the Breakdown covers offered, if you crash and have no way of getting the bike home you will be seriously stuffed. You need to make sure your Breakdown/Recovery includes RTA recovery.

Sounds interesting, my AA cover is up for renewal…

try just seen company on there covers bikes uk/europe etc £65 could be worth a phone call see what they actually offer ?

Ang is right, read all the small print, I had a very small off last year but because the engine casing had gone through I wasn’t able to ride it home, not a problem I thought as I have AA cover, how wrong, they don’t recover bikes following accidents even though there were no other vehicles involved!! I could have lied just to get them out and just say my bike’s not working and I don’t know why but I am honest, luckily trackday junkie was on hand to take my bike home for me, what a star :smiley: I hear RAC do recover RTA’s though so when mine is up for renewal I think i’ll be going with them :slight_smile:

is that true? i didnt know that?

all good tho, can alwasy call a mate with a van…an SOS van:D

Yes it is true… Ratty would SOS be on hand if you were to crash in North Wales at no further expense? ;):smiley:

It is something you all should seriously look in to if you venture further afield on your bike.

Same for any group rideout, don’t expect others to deal with it for you, of course no one minds helping to sort things in a situation like that as long as you have got back up (man with a van ready to come to your rescue, be prepared to have to leave bike & train it home alone).

Alot of these Insurance Policies that have breakdown cover included-it is the minimum they do and will still leave you stuck.

Will this cover UK & Europe ? homestart etc ? will keep an eye on this as my RAC runs out shortly

Yes, you can have:
Rescue Local Recovery, Rescue National, Rescue Homestart or Rescue Euro (includes main Europe and Eire).

We are looking at the deal and I’ll try to incorporate your needs and get it up ASAP so that you can make your own informed decisions as to whether it is right for you. ETA is now 2 weeks.

The important thing is whether it is right for you. I’m just trying to effectively get us a group discount.

So please feel free to post issues you have had before, here, to help me out :wink:

I’ve got RAC UK and Europe throug my insurance. As I recall it is less than £100. I think that includes recovery too. I’ve had to call them out twice because the bike wouldn’t start both times due to the battery being flat. They arrived quickly both times and fixed it. Plus they didn’t make me feel stupid. I’d not hesitate to recommend the RAC.

I have always been happy with the RAC, even works when you are the passenger and not owner or driver of the vehicle :cool:

Covers car even with a trailer and bikes too. Good price for what I get IMO :slight_smile:

I agree that RAC is good as it covers you in/on vehicle but for older vehicles like mine to add euro cover they want almost double the price which is a bit steep and no I cant afford a newer bike !!! :smiley:

Unfortunately, too true - mine was recovered in Central London to North London by the police. £150 for recovery and £10/day storage (maximum allowed by law when the police sort out the recovery). Police tried the RAC for me but they wouldn’t recover from an accident (even though I have a policy with them). Unless you’re fully comp (I wasn’t), there’s no way to recover the cost

Does anyone actually know of a mainstream / nationwide recovery service that definitely will recover from an accident?

The LB one will (I have just had word back to confirm) and it is with a major company.

Can you ask them if that is so, if you are NOT fully comp. Being fully comp they claim back via the insurers but this is not the case with those who are third party or tpft.

We need a definite on accident recovery esp for those not FC. :slight_smile:

I have done loads of miles abroad with their Euro cover, my bikes not new and the cars I go in definitely aren’t :smiley:

Maybe i will double check in case they have moved the goal posts!