Breakdown Cover Renewal


Currently with the AA curtsy of TimR, however the renewal price has doubled, so looking at switching, RAC is about the same price, and Green Flag is about half.

As anyone got any actual experience of using Green Flag or can recommend a breakdown/recovery service?


Its worth giving them a call regarding renewal price . They are not the best at giving renewal prices at a reasonable level i admit but speaking to them generally gives a getter price .

Green flag my reservations have always on the vehicle age restrictions ( 10 years )


Autoaid, less than £50


I’ve been with the AA for years. Each year they try and stiff me and each year I call and haggle and then they capitulate. I’m paying £86 this year.

Give the AA a call and threaten to leave.


Cheers brains_t and eezie. I’m going to give them a call anyway, as they put the membership on auto renewal which I don’t really like, so I have cancel that regardless.

Brains_T any experience of actually using Autoaid?


Most of the banks provide various services with personal bank accounts. I’ve found this to be extremely good value, as it usually about £10 per month, and includes many other benefits, such as extended warranties.


I’ve been using this for years. It strikes me as much better value. My current one gives full European RAC cover (covers myself and my partner in any vehicle) and family medical cover in Europe and various other bits and bobs like phone cover, airport lounge access, and free entry to various things like the Royal Academy and English Heritage.

I used the RAC cover for a car breakdown two years ago and I couldn’t fault it. They flat-bedded my car back from Yorkshire to my preferred independent specialist in Herts and offered us a hire car for the duration of our weekend. The technician attending told me a recovery like will probably cost the RAC £3,000 in total. Having full cover is so much better than ‘pull you off the motorway’ cover.


Used them three times and happy with each. When my oil seal went on a Sunday ride out, they took me home and came back Monday to drop bike at garage. Another was flat battery which the fire up and a puncture which they repaired (£10) so l could rejoin the ride. Each time turned up within hour (SOS Motorcycles). Best point is whatever you or your partner is driving is covered and they will take you home whatever the mileage

Would recommend to any bike rider


If memory serves they only cover 150cc and above but that May have changed .


Autoaid is very cheap. They take a while to answer the phone but once you get through and ghet all teh details booked in they use SOS motorcycles to recover you which is far quicker than the trailer/dolly AA uses. They do any size bike and I bought mine on Groupon for £34. They always have deals on there. You are covered not the bike and no age limits. Ive been very impressed with them.


I have it with my bank account too and I think it’s a no-brainer considering all the extra stuff you get. £12 a month for the breakdown cover, travel insurance, phone insurance, other things that I don’t know about. I used the breakdown cover back in March and I think it was the AA that attended and got me started by the roadside. I’m not sure on the actual level of cover provided with my account.