Break in secrets

Found this site and thought you guys and gals might like to see it.(if you have not already)

As he says “This is a very controversial topic !!”

I personally have just run my new bike in Hard, not quite following his methods but pretty close.( did not get chance to change oil)

I have just had my first service so will soon be seeing the results on the dyno.

How have you run in your motors ?

Everyone i have spoken to has done it differently, this really is a controversial topic.

I have heard this theory for a couple of years now, but had heard several people say that, yes spanking from new can give a few bhp, but in the long run, the engine doesnt last as long. I interrogated my dealer [Ford&Ellis in Chesham] about it 10 days ago when I picked up my k5 and decided to stick [ish] to under 6k for the first 500 miles, only occasionally went 7-8-9…

however 1 week later I had first service and have commenced normal use . . . no dyno run planned as I may wait till I get a powercommander so dymoing makes a bit more sense.

I usually stick to the recommendations laid out for running in. This time I could not stand it though but still didn’t cane the muts danglies off it. The garage that service my machines have always said that I seem to have real strong engines. Not Dyno’d the 636 as its just a road bike and has no real power enhancing products. Perhaps if I ever get round to it I shall stick it on the dyno and see what its producing.

I’ve followed this guys advice indirectly for the last couple of bikes I’ve owned. The K4 750 I had was run in quite hard, but progressively. Winding the revs on and on in small amounts after a number of miles, making full use of the gearbox. I had it on the track two weeks after getting it, and it was putting out 134-137bhp (two diff dynos) at the rear wheel, which was a good amount for that bike.

With the K5, I ran it in more aggressively, quite aware that the warranty is there for a reason. The first night I took delivery of the K5, it had seen the naughty side of 150mph (on a private road, officer), then a week later it was at the track after only 100 miles (I had no time to ride the new bike!). The bike has been dyno’d by Crescent recently and is putting out 169bhp at the rear wheel, which is not bad at all.

More to the point, I’ve seen no trouble with running GSXR’s in like this, a good friend of mine was the reason I started running bikes in like this, he would get a new bike, and immediately put it on the track, he’s had no troubles with his bikes.

Ride it like you stole it, it’s there to be used and abused.

I’m terrible at keeping to the recommended run in directions and to be honest I dont think its important as they make out. If anything its to cover them I guess… While your running in your powerful sportsbike you’ll be taking it easy and getting to know the machine…maybe. I’ve always gone through the box and rev’d it out and then had the oil changed and done it again… But I’m not sure of the consequences of doing this as I never keep a bike long enough to find out… So I couldn’t comment on the long term effect… But I beleive that in the first miles on the clock the bike should be given a taste of the way its going to used in the future.

i ran mine in hard and everyone i know has done the same and there bikes are fine …

It’s good to know i’m not the only one who has run the bike in hard. It seems more and more people are running their bike in this way. Not thought of taking the bike on the track to run it in though.