Break caliper question


I have not had a chance to check this but I will be over the weekend.

My bike is almost impossible to free roll while it is cold, once I have ridden it for about 5-6 mins it rolls fine.

I’m pretty certain it is my front caliper, as when I pump it, it is spongey so I’m guessing I have an air bubble in there somewhere, again will be sorting that out this weekend.

my question is, if their is an air bubble could this cause the problem of slight locking until it is used a bit?

no! it would only cause spongy brakes. as the air compresses slightly under hard braking. easy enough to fix! just top up your master cylinder leave the top of, and start bleeding them with a clear piece of tube so you can see when the fluid runs clear i also find it helps if you pause for a few mins and tap the lines gently in between bleeds.

If the brakes are seizing i would imagine they need an overhaul. Sorry dude, although easy enough :slight_smile:

have you cleaned out the caliper recently?

answer to both is.

yer I will be topping up the fluid this weekend. I have done a seized caliper before so will go over the same process anyway but will be a pain in the bum in this nice cold weather.

And no I have not given them a clean recently…

oh well better start getting my hands ready in preparation for the cold onslaught they will get this weekend.

You will always get a certain amount of rubbing from brake pads on a disc as there is no real return mechanism, but this shouldn’t stop you pushing your scoot.

My guess is the calipers are partially seized due to road salt/crap crudding them up.

Strip the fella down, pop the pistons out and give them a rub down with fine wet’n’dry paper.

Reassemble with a nice dollop of red rubber grease and copper slip on the backs of the pads and any sliding pins.

In the short term you could get some brake caliper cleaning fluid and give them a good blast after every ride, should clean some of the crap off and free them up a bit