Brazilian police officer caught on camera 'shooting two fallen teenage suspects point-blank'

Some could argue a case for a tougher response to bike theft over here too.

Well that was a somewhat brutal and unnecessary video to put up on a public new website such as ITV. Just sayin’. The figures they quote for how many people the police have killed are quite alarming though.

that’s a bit too much… a slap and a fine would’ve done the job

The met should do that once. Then have a public outcry. And watch the bike theft figures drop.

Doubt it, bike thieves aren’t the brightest bunch. They probably wouldn’t believe it if they were told and they’re sure as hell not smart enough to follow the news!

From the footage it looks like murder… Before I go on an anti-police rant, need to be careful here. The footage is very short so you need more to have a full and well rounded opinion. Furthermore, Brazil is reported to be very dangerous with gangs who are armed and not afraid to use it. Could explain the pre-emptive action in this scenario. On the flipside, pre-emptively killing someone just because you think they might do something worse than stealing a motorbike is not just in my view.

I haven’t had a bike nicked, however if I had I like to think that I would understand that a bike does not equal a life. There is a reason for crime and (in my view) ‘punishment’ is a short term measure that in many cases prolongs the reason for it to exist.

You think those teenagers would suddenly become law abiding citizens if they got a slap on the wrist? Of course not. They’d continue stealing things and would probably eventually join a gang and maybe even murder someone. Good riddance I say, albeit a bit harsh. Different country and different mentality I guess.

There was a programme on TV a while ago about bicycle thieves in UK. They showed a guy who had stolen more than 200 bikes from the same friggin’ train station during several years. He was arrested, released on bail, obviously didn’t show up at court and was sentenced to something like 100 hours of communal work and was banned from using Southey Trains for 6 months! I mean, seriously? Is that how we punish criminals nowadays? I’m sure he was back on the streets stealing the day after because he knew there’s no punishment for any of his actions.

Their prisons are overcrowded and those teens would have been tortured in there, he did them a favor.

It certainly does look brutal, shooting two guys after they have fallen off the bike. But we cannot see the perps, were they reaching for their guns themselves?

No deaths. It does look brutal, but they could have been reaching for firearms themselves. It is a rough country with drug mules and whatnots fully armed.