Brazilian bike jack - police don't mess around

The shooting is apparently lethal so don’t watch if of a fragile disposition.

Keep an eye on the black hatchback in the background once the bike-jacking commences…


There was no need to shoot him, we was only making a spoof YouTubey video Officer :w00t:

Sad that parts of the world are so f*cked up that sh1t like this happens.

Looks like the biker was lucky he didn’t get hit by police rounds as he was in the line of fire.


Well it’s not surprising given the price of bikes in Brazil. I remember talking to Ralph at SBK who said that in Brazil big bikes are as expensive as houses…

There is evidence that societies with very wide disparities in wealth and opportunity like Brazil have heavier and more violent crime rates.


I wouldn’t disagree with that one bit…

Yeah - it’s kind of stark the way the posh villas on the foothills in Rio butt up against shanty towns on the hills.

Is it really that much different here? OK, there’s not shanty towns (yet), but there’s multi-million pound properties here in London butting up against pretty run down council estates.

I had a Brazilian neighbour about 10 years ago who told me that he’d moved his family here from Sao Paulo after the 3rd time someone held a gun against his head to rob him. According to him, the most dangerous position to be in there was middle class, as you were wealthy enough to be a prime robbery target, but not rich enough to be able to afford the security required to ensure your safety.

I wish they would shoot scrotes like that here as well.

It’s not that different but remember here there is a huge middle class that does ok. I have a feeling that in Brazil the difference is bigger… the poor there are a lot poorer than what we know here and in greater numbers.

The millionaires are still millionaires…

I agree with you - widening disparities in wealth and the resulting social fall-out is a global trend which is now manifesting itself in developed societies like the US and Europe - there is widespread poverty in the US where people who were middle class ten years ago are now relying on food banks - In the UK the red cross is starting to distribute food parcels - the first time it has done so in the UK since WWII.
Globalised neo-liberal economics is wrecking societies and making a minority of people richer year on year - while the majority sink further and further into poverty.

But for how much longer are the middle class in the UK going to be ok? According to reports currently on the desks of government ministers middle class kids are not going to be enjoying the lifestyles and opportunites that their parents enjoyed.

Long version of the video.


And not one f*ck was given.

Also the sky is as dull and grey there as it is over here.

I thought this was supposed to be f*cking Brazil - I’m not expecting a carnival and women in bikinis but there should at least be bright sunshine FFS!

I think the shooting took place for the crime of “riding a motorcycle while wearing flip flops.” The bike jacking was just a coincidence.