Brazilian barbecue style! hummmm.....


Guys I’m really home sick… Not just for the weather (no comments here) but for the meet! The Brazilian barbecue style is very particular and without rush. A barbecue can take up to 24h to be ready to eat but the average is 10h.

Apart from the ‘little’ pieces of meet, grilled off course, we do cook a whole Bull filled with vegetables! A whole Lamb does the job properly… Ohhh, I miss so much…

Check out the photos here:

Sorry Foxy!

So Cezar, you are going to spend 10 hours cooking the Bar B Q while the rest of us have a good old blat around on the bikes before decending on yours like the ravenous scavengers that we are and trying the delights of your food?

Must admit, I am feeling slightly peckish now having looked at that little lot. Roll on lunchtime.

Looks good Cezar, I’ll bring Jack with me ‘I believe you already know him…’

New meaning to Lamb Kebab, that lamb and ribs look good.

Wonder what the neighbours would think If I removed the fence panel and used the posts to hold the scaffold bar whilst the whole lamb gently cooks…

Boooo Hooooo… Just one tiny little fish??? Please??? When??? where??? what time???

Shuffester I would change anything for a Bull like that! Filled with loats of garlic, onions potatos, sausages and other herbs , plus some other vegs that I don’t know the name in English… **** I’m desperate now!

Stan, our frind jack has to be present mate! Even if I have to kick the wife out for a day or so.

Foxy ! I will fish myself a nice large fish and cook for you on the same way!

If I can convince my wife I will find a way to buy a whole lamb and do it for us in my house! Promisse!

Now thats what I call a BBQ Time to get cracking Cezz, I’ll bring the beer

I will arrange the barbecue you deal with god for the weather! lol

Sounds like a plan then - got some large umbrelas to keep the rain off, they should do.

Good man for volunteering Cezar, let us know when you’re planning the first LB social get-together and we’ll be there! Make sure Foxy gets a BIG fish. And stop calling Chuffster, shuffster, we can’t stop laughing here

shuffster lol.

mmm bbq, can wait. I’m forever having bbq’s love’em, Cezar doing the first LB social event, maybe I’ll follow-up with one later in the year…

Deal! I will arrange it with the wife! preferably send her to her mom… lol

Nah! she’s nice! she can do the dishes after!

Now more seriously, I spoke to Jay and we are already working on plans for somewhen around August (when the summer comes). Hopefully

Jay… I already caught my fish!!!

Hahahahhahaha! that’s why I bloody copy and paste your names mate! hahahahaha! sorry, Chuffster…

Cezar… You crack me up Dude!!! Roll on August… My belly is rumbling already!!

Stan… you’d better get those coals glowing… Looks like your having a BBQ mate!!!