Brazil V Ghana

four minutes gone and Brazil are 1 up.

Bang on half time and its now 2-0. Brazil are just going through the motions it seems. The poor old Ghana back 4 havn’t a clue. Saying that, the second goal was blatantly offside and Ghana deserve to really be at level pegging. if Brazil carry on playing like this, they won’t win the cup.

I think you should be the World Cup reporter too for the podcast as well as the racing reporter!

Its now 3-0 to Brazil. Ghana are going home. They have had one sent off for diving in the box, a referee that spotted a dive? Whatever next.

Its all over - Brazil go through 3 Nil against Ghana. Lets see who they play next - Spain or France - personally, I reckon it will be Spain.

Exitment please! I don’t want to be 6 (six) times world champion with that team playing like they are bored!

Can someone challenge them please??? Give them something to rum for, they make way too much money to not need to produce to win…