Brazen tonight?

Is anyone going to be there this evening? obviously if there’s no torrential downpour like this morning

We will be there

I’ll be there - but not till 21:30

Where have you been hiding young lady??

I’ll be there about 6.30pm

I know, I know, been quite hectic recently, new job and all, will catch up later, I’ll also be there around 6ish

great, see you later

I won’t be tonight my CBR is still in parts and i woke up at 3.30 pm so didn’t have time to put it together

me and rb800’ll be there from 7ish… if we don’t get lost!!!

I’ve just pm’d you my phone number so call me if you do get lost

Bugger, i`ve just come by there on my way home from work.

You are just shy and retiring John , at least I turned up to say hello to some friends!

had a great and interesting night tonight, good to see melda, graphi800st, keti, flyby and rb800! good to go to Blackheath also!!! see ya friday! x

Aye aye! Nice jaunt through saafff london! Keti… you’re mad!!! Good to have met all those I hadn’t before


see ya friday tim?

Yes bud, will be up after winning me R1!

yeah yeah all talk and no trousers!!! ha ha

Good to see you all tonight, good run out to the common. Including mad cyclist who set of the speed camera on the way back while undertaking me!

Thumbs up to Stuart for getting us there after separating from the main group at the second set of traffic lights!!!

See you Sunday!

I hope to see you at friday