Brazen Head Tonight

Just wanted to say I had a great time this evening at The Brazen Head. There was a good turn out and it was great to see some familiar faces and a few new ones! The food and service were pretty good for the money (eh AdamM, lol)

A very comfortable venue for our winter meets.

sorry i missed it folks, I’ve heard nothing but good things about the place. Am hoping to make it up the next time we have a half term break. Be good, or at least be good at it!

Well I got home safe and sound it was nice meeting some more LB’er maybe ill be down next week to

At home now Bet you were cold on yer bikes

Nice pub,food good value but overrun with bikers

Bloody cagers

nice to meet some more people tonight - glad you all got home safe.

starting to put a few more names to faces

stay safe everyone

Sounds good, sorry I missed it and everyone there … work stuff.

Hopefully I’ll be there next week or whenever I next have a Wednesday evening off !

Great Night and a very very warm welcome by the Landlady yet again !!

I must say “its looking smart in there now after they have refurbed it”

Good to meet the New Faces and to see the Old Ones again “Oooooooodehhhhh”

Its looks like we have the perfect winter meet !!

Well done the Mattster !!

Nice to meet some new peeps!

DA, Grim, didnt realise you were there last night guys!!! I slunk in and out of the door without anyone realising!

Mi summer gloves held up well on my journey back to essex last night too. High speed friction it would seem keeps your hands warm!

Really sorry I couldn’t be there guys… but after spending £400 on my motorbike mech course I’m not missing one lesson!


There were about 20 peeps last night, what with winter gear, the pub was quite crowded… might need a selective ticket system for attendees!

Fair Enough !!

A poor show from the mods - there were people drinking, smoking and using foul insulting, abusive language - enjoy the rest of your course

Actually, whilst on the subject of moderators, wouldn’t it be a good idea if at least 1 moderator was present at each official LB meet, to make sure newbies were made welcome and LB was being represensted in the way it would want to be (and people behave, lol)

Last night was one of those evenings when everything happened at once. I was gutted to miss the first Brazen meet (birthday dinners to attend), but am REALLY looking forward to the next one, especially if we have Tourist Trophy running! Thanks to BabyJ for lending us a Playstation 2, I’ve been going mad for TT…

I agree. Mods seem to represent themselves as some form of importance then at least 1 could have made it. Surely? On reflection, it would have been nice for some pics to be taken for our first night at the Brazen.Did anyone take any snaps??

I had a gr8 meal and met some very lovely new people. I also won £12 in the muzzy as well. Drank lots of lovely tea.

It was a complete biatch to get to, however, it means that I can get to meet people who were unable to get to Cubana. I sort of know what it was like with the hassle and traffic for them to come to Cubana. Its much appreciated - believe me!

Thank you for organising a nice venue.

Do you rekon the locals are going to mind us taking over their screens with play station???

I rekon the two “muppets” in the corner might have something to say about it!



I agree - but they might have moderated my tshirt

BigSV - sorry I missed you too - obviously i mingle better with a computer keyboard in front of me - i might bring it next time PS were you the one having his Sidis massaged by Westie??

As far as the pics go lets have a reenactment next week with cameras

Yes I’m a bit disapointed that no mods could get there either… but sometimes these things happen! :slight_smile:


Dude - where did you get your t-shirt from?