Brazen Head....Lisson Street

the road is very slippery outside the Brazen Head in Lisson Street

isnt it smiled

C’mon stop rubbing road salt into his wounds

salt is very good for healing!!!


How could you be so cruel at Christmas time, the guy had a fall and all you can do is mock him in his hour of need.

Christmas is a time for change…

we have to be more careful

I changed my pants today cos its christmas - does that count

and who said miracles dont happen at Christmas

Nothing to do with the road, cold tyres to blame

What a waste changeing your pants because it`s christmas, i just turn mine inside out and get another 12 months out of them.

Already done that - last year was the back to front - now I am out of options

road is very slippy…


sad smiled.

Really feel for you mate, hope you’ll be back on to wheels soon

Salee i think possibly lacking in a bit of tact, id be gutted !

Easy with that throttle…You live and learn.

I too think the others should let it go now…Let him alone I tell thee