Brazen Head - 28 Feb

Is anyone going down tomorrow night? If not I’m off to the gym…

Come on, give me an excuse for JD instead, PLEASE…

I’ll be there, so will Westie afaik There’s 2 good reasons right there. We turn you to drink, y’see

Excellent stuff. Anymore takers?

cough coughI’ll catch the next flight outcough cough

Maybe one day you’ll stop promising us this visit and actually do it?!

Come on, you know you want to

I’m working on it…as we speak.

I’ve got the go ahead from “wife control”…now I just need to make the arrangements…when to come? How long to stay? All of that…

…AND if you need somewhere to crash, theres camping space only here, but its clean dry and warm! No point wasting money on hotels, and im sure there are others on here who could offer you a sofa!

In fact we could set up a rota of whos having the Gregster…if you get my meaning!!

yep i will be there!!!

I should be there, soon after 19:00.

Thats it Jim stick to evening meets, till you sort ur alarm clock

I will be there - but I’m not following Tug

Sorry, but I’ll have casefiles with me on the way home from work, so a detour to the Brazen is out of the question

I’ll be there

Me and the chazter wil be there !

You’re not wrong!

i’ll be coming out tonight

N00b questions, Brazen Head? I’ve google’d it as a pub in Marylebone, 2 mins ride from where I work. It’s that or a place in Ireland?

Thats the one mate, people start getting there from bout 6.30

Excellent babe, it will be nice to have a catch up

Can’t make it this week.

Have fun!