Brazen Head - 27th December

Is it on - who’s going?

Just what I was thinking , as I’m off work I thought I would try and get there


I’m affraid I won’t be going, I am in Holiday mode.

i wont be going this week see genneral section for my thread explaining why

No can do.

Sorry too much going on this time of year

Shouldn’t really be driving at the mo

See you New Years Day though

I can’t face travelling into London when I don’t have to, so sorry not this week

I understand MS!! It sure is a trek

Sorry - Saracens v Northampton, 7:45 at Vicarage Road. Allez les Noirs!!!

Looks like it’s just you and me then SW


I shall be mostly in Chiswick tonight.

maybe next week

No t me either to busy, i`ll be there in the new year.

Hehe so where were you then?

ha ha…they lied !!! Dont know if its just me? but to trek all the way to brazen, which i find longer than cubana, as opposed to sitting in the warm, curled up all cosy…with a flat battery anyway…seems like err… no contest !!

Well, I live in Victoria, so is a very quick blat to Brazen for me…which was very welcome given the conditions on the way back…(rain on an already slippery road…nice)