Was just wondering how those who did the track day at brands on sat got on hope all went well

I think most of them were from Thelondondonbikers, looked like a nice day too. I heard there was a lot of ACU riders testing as well.

In group 3 a lot of people knocking around the 50sec laps . All the people I know have come home safe and thats more important than lap times

Was a cracking day, just a shame none of you guys from here were there - next time maybe

Weather was just a bit damp early, but soon dried for rest of day and the day went really well.

Most of the guys were from TLB’s, must’ve been nearly 30 all in from site, which was good.
Everyone rode well and all the newbies did us proud and came home with big grins, asking when the next one would be

All in all, a great day - Looking forward to the next one

Glad the day went well, how`s that Gixxer going mate?

I`ll be at Brands on the 5th June, be good to catch up

Hey Brian, yeah the Gixers going sweet, but the chain needs replacing pretty soon as right on limit now - so with new chain, think I’ll change the sprockets to up the accelerating, as lacked a lil bit of punch lol…
The suspension set up you did for me ahs certainly helped a lot with the general handling and turning in feels a lot more positive - thanks again for doing that for me.

Hmm 5th June - just happens I’m off that day, so could be good

I was looking at doing another in June, so that would tie in quite nicely. Have to start saving now!

Be good to catch up mate, so I’ll pencil it in and start looking forward to it.

I went down a tooth on the gearbox sprox when i changed the chain and sprox, really makes a difference on accelerating and very handy in particular at Brands. I got a 520 Afam chain and Renthal sprox from Demon Tweeks, very reasonable prices.

Glad the suspension is good, tbh the gixxer 750 is so good out of the crate they don`t need too much tweaking.

See you out there soon

Thanks for the advise Brian, useful as always

Think I’ll do the same with the sprocket

Catch you soon