Brands within the next 3-4 weeks?

I get paid next week and fancy a trackday at Brands,

Anyone game?

I’m in China at the mo fella.

If you decide to do a indie date, post it up and if I’m around I’ll try to make it.

I need to get my poorly bike sorted as well.

I am there tonight doing the Indy.

Show me how its done amigo…My gixxer thou needs setting up BADLY! When you back gorgeous?

There’ll be a few of us at Brands next Tuesday 29th.

I’d better bump up my previous post…see above.:wink:

Yes :slight_smile:

If i can coax the zx6 back into life this weekend with a new battery :rolleyes:

If you do fire her back up to life and get to Brands on Tuesday there will be another ZX6R to keep you company I hear.