brands wednesday day/evening?

So anyone heading down there? im thinking about it, just trying to decided whole day or just evening session!

Going to brands indy on 16th August evening sess. Novice only!

so i booked in for the evening!

Cool. Kick your a$$ then!

erm … not that its racing, its a track day! You just remember that! tut-tut…


Booked 28th Evening :slight_smile:

yeah im booked for the 28th aswell - im away on the 16th so cannot do it!

Darn … not sure I can take another day off for trackdays, though tempting … will investigate :slight_smile:

Enjoy your novice ride banman :slight_smile: From my recent newbie experience, grab any instructors there ASAP and get them to help you. You learn loads, and they’re usually free!

PS - I’m a bit surprised you’ve gone for the Evening sessions? I guess they’re cheaper, but don’t you have to take most of a day off work anyway - so might as well go for the full day?

well i work the morning as usual, and leave my house at about 3.30. Generally in the evening theres only 2 groups, a quick and a slow and you get 4/5 session so only 1/2 less than normal.

I was told evening sessions where rubbish, but then i did one and it was great, and speaking to others made me realise there a bit of a secret love for alot of track day goers.

It think it must depend who you do it with. As i run my own buinsess its alot easier for me to miss an afternoon than a whole day! plus brands hatch is only 1 hour away!

I work in the wharf so Im like 30 mins away. I can get out around 3 on a one off so dont need the day off = get paid :w00t:

Hmm … interesting Rixxy :slight_smile: 4/5 sessions is more than I expected, especially with only 6 on a whole day. It might just work for me to do an afternoon off, though I’ve got way too much annual leave built up at the moment anyways :slight_smile:

I’m in Hammersmith, not far from you? I’m almost getting used to the 1hr M25 commute to Brands too :slight_smile:

I’ve got a bike in London, one in Wales … now I’m just wondering how I can leave one closer to Brands! :wink:

Thinking about it … I really hate the early morning commute from Hammersmith to Brands. I only just got there in time on Monday.

That’s a definite +1 for afternoons … :slight_smile:

Focused Events do hire bikes :wink:

Good point :slight_smile: I guess its nice to get used to a bike, rather than a hire … but I am tempted to try that too.

Hey guys, what time does the evening session commence - sign-on etc? I can’t find it on the Focussed website.

I’m getting withdrawal symptoms :smiley:

from 4 for 5 at the latest i think

yes its 4pm to 5pm for a 5.15pm briefing i think. I believe its 4 sessions. Good value! plus as goldy is driving i get to sleep on the way back!

Also booked!

Erol (highside) will be there too with his wonky bike

It’s not wonky, just multi coloured and covered in gaffa tape! Looks better than when I got put into the tyre wall though!

See you there

Bugger - full up … did hope to join you all down there, but things got in the way of booking.

Have fun! :slight_smile:

i’m pretty surprised there were spaces left yesterday tbh. maybe the ropey weather

what vehicles are people coming down in so we can find each other? i’ll be the navara with the bike up on the back.