brands track eve 18.8.08

i`ve just booked this

a great way to start a new week;)

any takers???

Not sure my track bike would make the 102 db limit. Has yours got through this test in the past ?

what time the eve events start???

sth about 5pm i think it starts… not sure about it tho

I’m booked. what group you in frogga ?

yes m8 plenty of times ;)…

so you gona come play???

i`m in the the inters/fast group m8

last time i did a track eve there was only two groups novice/inters and inters/fast

i`l be riding to this one by the way;)

my 675 hit 103 at 5k revs with my new baffle. But I found out red bull call will fit inside my can, so new baffle + red bull makes me pass noise test :smiley:

going inters/fast aswell frogga :smiley:

just done another track eve with focussed events great fun fantastic weather

Would like to give this another crack, but I’ve got Anglesey coming up at the end of next week and its full anyway. Hope the f***** rain stops!

who`s comming then???

me me me me me meeeee :D:D:D

it was a wet one today even though still went out tried to be a smooth as possible get my lines right.

didn`t bother with the photos or taking me camera today… they only got 6 of me and they werent any good anyway:P

manage to stay infront of a couple of boys on full wets. they only came past as i was easing off and coming into the pits…i don`t think it was wet enough for full wets anyway

yeah wets are a bit funny like that - they only work if you take your brain out and trust them

was there a dry line then?

there was sort of a dry line… very narrow. there was one session wen it chucked it down.(didn`t go out in that one). for the rest of the time it was either drizzle or clear.

racetecs are awsome they gave me a couple a slides but the were controlable and predicatble…

this was my last trackday this year… gota start saving for next years track days wana do some in spain