Brands Track Day!


Just wanted to say thanx to the people i met yesterday down at Brands… my first track day and i’m hooked. :w00t:

anyone up for more :wink:

how was the weather?

terrible… but kinda fun :slight_smile:

Hello and welcome :slight_smile:

Hello and welcome to LB:D

Hiya and welcome.

I was at Brands yesterday, not sure if we spoke.

What bike did you have?

Welcome to LB.Not sure if we spoke yesterday. I was on the silver VTR in the green group (my avatar’s from yesterday!).

Top day wasn’t it:D

i was on the red vtr trying to keep up with you :wink:

Hello mate I was the one on the Gixxer in your group :slight_smile:


hi and welcome :Di was in the same garage on black gsx-r 600 k6 in red group


Yes bud i do remember… It was a pretty lively garage.

Thanx for info on LB too. Gotta meet up for another track day, i have never had so much fun in the rain. :smiley:

Top day!

In that case, double welcome for being a member of the V-twin club:D

Definitely up for another track day/evening this summer.


Sorry I never got a chance to say hello

I saw both the VTR’s but didn’t realise you guys were on LB.

The power of the LB sticker is priceless;)


No worries… to be honest i kinda gate crashed :smiley: it was only meeting folks on the day that i found out about LB (don’t hate me… i have seen the light).

will have to get myself down to borough, got no excuses its on me way home. :wink:

Im up for an evening session soon - got no holiday left so I’ll have to blag it and say Im going to the doctors or something :stuck_out_tongue:

welcome to lb :slight_smile:

welcome to lb great site great people

im booked in for an evening on the 7th august with focussed events if any one else is going to that :slight_smile:

Welcome to Londonbikers :slight_smile: