Brands on sunday 2nd

I,ve just booked brands for sunday, is anyone else going. Its going to be cold but sunny, I hope!!

Yep booked after we had Mallory cancelled on us last Sunday.

2 of us on R6’s me thinks an electric heater will be set up in the garage…

Had an email from MSV today offering 10% discount on winter TD’s pity I booked last Monday.

Your brave! Bloody hell!

Slowcoach, I will look out for you, Im on a old fireblade 900 white fairings.
Hope it doesn’t snow!!

How did it go??

Cold and although MSV said it wasn’t icy I think the 1st session was, the rest of the morning was wet but drying all the time.

12.00 the novices were called so we decided to go for our free lunch, 30mins later the novices where still lined up waiting to go out, the previous session had been red flagged and they seemed to be working on the exit of paddock hill.

At 14.00 the day was cancelled due to track condistions, I notice the guy in our garage had not been back since before lunch and then the MSV guys turned up to take his van and trailer so I assume it was him that red flagged the last session and was in no fit state to drive himself, GWS mate.

Not to sure what the problem with the track was as it was drying out ok from what I could see but I’m not running the day and having to talk to insurance companies if you call it wrong.

Thats 2 trackdays in as many weeks we have had cancelled on us (Mallory last week). Lets hope we have better luck with the Pie & Mash on the 30th at Mallory.


Shame it was cancelled as the track was drying out well. I was told the track was refreezing!
It was good to get out anyway.
Msv are giving out a credit note for the missed time.

Tetsuo sorry didn’t catch up with you looked out for the bike, what group where you in?

We where wondering if they cancelled due to the red flags, still we saved on petrol and we got free breakfast and lunch.

Waiting to see what credit we get :satisfied:


I was in the inters and ended up in the far garage. Shared it with a 15 year old on a moto3 bike(Bradly Ray), he went past me like I was standing still!! Oh well.

Thats why I didn’t see you we where in the same group, saw Bradly he was infront of me when waiting to go out on session 2, I knew I had it wrong when he had full wets on and I was on drys needless to say never saw him on track again. He was obviously getting to grips with the 4 stroke for next year.

I’ve had the mail from MSV re the credit, which is £60 is that per person as I booked and paid for 2 ?

Yep I have £60 refund. Result as I had a good day out.

Well done, I wish I could say no one passed me on a session.