Brands Novice day Feb 17 (sunday)

With the cold days I am looking forward to get a track day in early to brush off the cobwebs on the bike and my riding - its a proper novice day so should be low pressure day and of course its a weekend day too at £99 sounds good value and will be plenty tuition for those who want to learn more. Club MSV we used last year and a sa group was a great evenings riding - this is all day 6 x 15 minute sessions. Anyone else interested ?:smiley:

And before Captain asks I am sure its a gay friendly venue :stuck_out_tongue:

booked :smiley: something to look forward to :w00t:

might still be a tad slippery so be carefull mate :slight_smile:

will be bone dry and sunny - but probably bit nippy - not going to go daft just want to get a smile on me face:D and yes I have high connections regarding the weather :cool:

I wanna go to this novice day!

Your not a novice, get yourself into Inters dude and start moving up and getting faster.

Last track day I done in Feb was cheap for a reason! It pisssssssed down all day long :crazy:

Mind you, you’ll be surprised how much traction you have!

Ye Sir! :wink:

I wanna try fast group and let B guide me this year but without a track bike makes me think twice…

I’m not novice either but great way to get into groove again :smiley:

Unfortunately I am away with work that weekend - otherwise I’d book on. Although I’ve been riding 9 years and done some off road days, I have never done a track day and it is something I have always wanted to do!

If there is another one planned after Feb 23rd or details on the website of others - let me know.


will do Hels planning a few this year but want to do a few different tracks - just looking at an IAM day at Silverstone but only available to IAM peeps - I fancy Castle Combe too if anyone wants a jaunt down wiltshire for a day :slight_smile:

If there is a group day going at Silverstone this year, I could be tempted. Can probably only manage one TD, and really want to do the full GP circuit.

I’d like to properly do Silverstone (did it with Ron Haslam).

I’d like to go back to Snetterton just because I really liked the track.

Also, Oulton Park is very near my mum, so would be a good one for me.


I am in Brazil on this date, otherwise I would have come!!!

going to try and get in once the 5 day weather forecast clears it…

Shame on Ron for not doing it properly the first time, he should have known better.:angry:

I’m gonna do this! :slight_smile:


Is there anything I need to consider for this? It will be my first trackday… I’ve got 2 piece leathers with a 360 hip round the waist and all the other gear…

I ride an 03 zx6r with nearly new Michelin PR3 tyres…

I’ve also heard I need to remove my mirrors, turn off my headlamps (and tape them up?) and adjust tyre pressures yes? Is there a compressor or pump at the track for riders to use?

Another thing is, what do I do with my valuables whilst I’m out on track? Are there lockers available or something like that?

Cheers :slight_smile: