Brands monkeys

For anyone doing Brands this year…? Sunday night there will be a delegation of drunk camera operators in the Kentagon…there may also be a private shin dig in the riders paddocks. Should anyone be interested in joining said drunken camera operator…come find me in the Kentagon after 8pm.

If you need to know what I look like…trawl the articles…you’ll see my face…if you decide you want to drink beer with it, whilst surrounded by bikers, talking bike, discussing racers, riders, tactics, suspension, birds, braking points, this year’s talent, boobs, tyres, engines, valves, women, and lager… come and find me.

Harborn, that means you too … its been a little too long!

I shall be there Saturday, not sure about Sunday as yet.

I will be there monday

Hey Hey heyyyyyyy

Its Chuff the Stuff…

How goes it mate !!..Long time no see…hope ya well.

Chuffster! Long time no see pal.

The beer posse will eb there from Sat afternoon…Kentagon in teh evening is a safe assumption…if you’re around, drop in and say hi!

Remember all that it happens on Bank Holiday Monday this time, not Sunday See you all there…

Where have you been Toby…Might see you on Monday if you are at Brands…Fancy a ride there if you are…I have a Posse to meet.

I presume they allow camera’s in? Sounds silly, but some sports events I’ve been to, they don’t allow camera’s I’m planning on taking my Canon 400D with me on Monday.

Andy- Yeah cameras are allowed no probs.

Tobe you know I’m gonna hunt you down like the lager-starved dog you are.

Jay, I might let you play with my newly acquired Sigma 300mm f2.8 APO lens.

I’m going on Thursday night for free practice Fri, staying over for Sat qualifying. Then returning late Sun night of course so will be in need of ale and boozy talk.

Mate I’m working there, so I have to drive the crew car down…

Besides the Millenium Falcon has once agin developed severe glitches and to really make my day found the only screw left out to catch unwary bikers…right through the front tyre…

Defo bring your camera…and if you haven’t got a trackside pass, bring a long lens too…

Andy…did you not read Jay’s post…

Racing’s Monday…you’re going down for free practise, warm up and qualifyiung, but then NOT sticking round to see the racing?

You’ve forgotten to take your pills again haven’t you!

Red for staying focussed, blue for ability to speak properly, purple to stop you getting those urges…

hehe yeah Tobe I meant returning to Brands Sunday night to get lagered up prior to race day

I’m not hanging around all day Sunday so will be off home Sat eve - processing to do etc…

But incidentally, I have forgotten my pills so I’ve got the rubber pants on. No worries now mate thanks to rubber seals.