Brands Indy Weds, 2nd June

MSV, 2nd June. It’s being billed on a lot of the Ducati fora as Ducati only, but not according to MSV (Motor Sport Vision).

Anyone going? Where’s that bloke with the R6 that was wanting to do his first day?

Is that 3 slow groups then? :wink:

slow on the straights, but we don’t slow down for the corners :smiley:

Seriously, I did one a couple of years ago and swore never again - it was run as three groups - complete novices, people who’d done maybe three days previously and everyone else. That combined with a ‘no overtaking on corners’ rule made it a disaster - you’d be coming into a bend and someone would virtually stop - people coming off everywhere until we decided to ignore the rules, for personal safety.

I’m taking my little 'berg for fun and my bfo 998 - first ride with the winter bling - can’t wait.

I’m doing this novice evening on that day

There is also a full 3 group day running on the 2nd, didn’t know about this Ducati day.

Fingers crossed for good weather

yeah, I don’t really think it’s Ducati only, just a couple of people getting excited and trying to call it that.

Ducati UK often turn up tho - be interesting to see if they do.

Pop along and say Hi - there’ll be a Ducati Race Support van and my yellow husaberg in the garage.

I did a few Ducati days back in the day - before the internerd.

Sometimes the BSB team would turn up, I remember Emmett showing up on a road bike once just for the crack.

that’s cool!

I always liked the 'bergs.

What an evening it was! Can’t think of a better set of circumstances for a first track day. Unfortunately there were a few red flags, mainly due to people running too deep and off the track (but keeping the bike upright).

I think I’m hooked!

It was great to meet you Jerry and Pete-thanks for the advice and use of the pressure gauge.

LOL, I told you so!

addictive! Nice to meet you too Chris. I suspect people running off the track was caused by gravel fixation - you’ve got to look where you’re going and let the bike take you there.

Pete, you’ve got to do something with those wheels - dayglo green on an orange bike ffs! And what happened to the hair??

Seriously, good to meet you. A fantastic day! Nice to see people and I got my knee down all the way around Druids and Clearways on the 'berg a few times - there are scratches on the knee, not just the slider…

Darn - I almost came to join you guys. I was on the reserve list and got phoned - but was feeling under the weather & fuzzy, so resisted.

Please let me know if there’s another good newbie track day coming :wink:


so, awesome day. Piccies:

spent the day with this lovely bloke - can you guess who it is yet??

If you need this bigger, let me know mate!

Spent the first part of the day on this working up to…

this :smiley:

Awesome day. Really enjoyable and great to meet Chris and DJ. The 'berg was a blast as usual and that big bike is just sooooo good to ride :smiley:

i love that yellow berg looks like i could murder that around the track on my first ever track day:)

thanks mate! That little bike does like to be ridden hard and you can really embarrass ‘proper’ bikes. It’s just corner speed and exit speed. And entry speed.

Doesn’t do too well mid-straight.

yes like a page 3 model good in some areas and orgasmic in others:)

That Ducati is beautiful.

I thought it had inspired special feelings, turns out I’d sat on my keys though.

…so why are you rubbing your inner thigh? :smiley: