Brands Indy Wednesday 16 June

I’ve booked into novices for this one. There are two novice groups and one inter/fast group.Day is with Bike magazine and for road bikes only. They’re aiming the day at people who ride to the track, do the track day and ride home on the same bike.

Bike magazine are also running days at Snetterton in July and Cadwell Park in August.

There are still places available on Wednesday if anyone fancies it?

Great day last Wednesday. Surprised at the number of red flags though. This was my third time round Brands Indy and I’d not previously seen a single red flag. There must have been five or six during the day this time. I don’t think there were any injuries.The 'Storm performed well, but I get absolutely smoked by modern bikes in a straight line. I don’t think there’s much I can do about that, she’s a 13 year old V-twin. On the brakes and through the corners it’s a different story though. My instructor, Richard, was impressed with my corner speed, which was good to hear, he also gave me some good basic advice on my suspension set up. But I still haven’t managed to get my knee down!

Clearways is much nicer now it’s been resurfaced and I’ve finally started to get the hang of it. It’s quite a tricky corner to get right.

The full GP circuit’s next on 18 August. Not sure what I can do to improve straight line speed, I’m going to get hammered on the fast sections round the back of the circuit. Oh well!

Couple of pics from the day (I hope they’re there, I can’t view them on my work PC!!!)…