Brands Indy Tonight

Just came back from an evening session at Brands with Focussed Events.

Only my second time on a track, and the first was a development day at Silverstone on the flat and tiny Stowe circuit, so this was a step up. I loved it!

Started slow but got faster with each lap, was holding my own in all the corners and on the last couple of laps got knee down through Druids, without really trying to :wink: - Need more practice to feel confident enough to open the bike up a bit more and eek out some more top speed, but so far I’m pleased with my progress.

I didn’t get the hang of Paddock, but the drop through Hailwood then up into Druids still felt amazing :wink:

All in all, a great way to spend an evening.

I was going to go down there tonight and see if I couldn’t tag in, but I feel asleep after an early morning appointment, apparently too much hard riding on Sunday.

Love Brands. Paddock is fantastic when you get it right, it really feels like you floating when you go down.

Gratz on the knee-down, have to be honest and say I didn’t get my knee down when I went, but I was so caught up in learning the lines and getting to grips with the apex that it didn’t really enter my mind to stick my knee out.

Hoping the next time I go I can concentrate on body positioning a little more and not worry too much about the lines. I think I might be going Friday, I think there is another Evening session on the 2nd of July with a company.

Going on the 22nd of July, supposed to go with a friend we see how that pans out :smiley:

I’ll def be doing more of these, even with traffic I was at the circuit in an hour so it’s easy, and for £60 IMO its a bargain… It’s also bloody addictive :wink:

Cheers, was chuffed with the KD, and whilst I’ve got very little to compare to, it does seem like a excellent track for this kind of thing.

Back tire has had it though, it was getting on a bit, but that ripped it to shreds :wink:

Well done mate. I still haven’t been to Brands so let me know when your planning your next TD and I’ll join ya.