Brands Indy taster on 12th March - anyone?

I’ve booked into this MSV track taster at Brands. I’m on the 5.10pm session.

Anyone else from here going (or thinking of)?

Details here -

I’m thinking of going to this. What documents do you need to bring? I guess zip-together leathers are expected too.

Looks like the sessions are fully booked! :pinch:

It would have been good to have a gang of LB on the track! :wink:


heres two lbrs on the track at brands tuesday:D:D

and just me trying to catch every one up :slight_smile:

Looks cool.
Pity about the words in the way!

What’s the deal with photos then?

You have to try and miss the words as you go round :smiley:


:smiley: the words are because i have yet to pay for the pictures when i have paid for them ill get enhanced pictures but with out the words will post up in the next day or soooh just noticed this must of been the only time i was ever in front of bergy, or was you coming round to lap me again!!!:D:D;)

I’ve had an email from MSV today.

They are planning some more Track Taster Sessions due to their success.

I’ll keep you informed:)

I wanted to look at and admire your new seat unit :smiley:

didnt you see it the first time you went past!!:Whistling::smiley:

MSV will be running 3 Taster Sessions on the evening of our LB Exclusive Trackday.

Come along and watch the day, enjoy the BBQ and try your hand on track :cool:

garrett, im booked in on the same session are you riding your bike down from london?

a mates riding all day, i will be down from about 10, will try to get on track if there are anyplaces…


I’ll see you there fella.

going up to have a look :smiley: